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Castable(885) Silica(881) Refractories(652)
Silicon Carbide(617) Graphite(614) Mortar(566)
Zircon(545) Bauxite(497) Mullite(446)
Fused alumina(444) Fiber(421) SiC(381)
Magnesite(348) Brown Fused Alumina(331) Fireclay(327)
Refractory brick(315) Ceramic fiber(306) Kaolin(297)
Carbon Brick(291) White Fused Alumina(286) Spinel(281)
Ramming Mass(278) Zirconia(277) Mica(265)
Nozzle(264) Ladle(246) Corundum(241)
Fireclay Brick(240) Quartz(229) Dolomite(214)
Gunning Mix(206) Crucible(205) Insulating brick(205)
Fused Magnesia(197) Fire Brick(195) Magnesia carbon brick(188)
Firebrick(175) Magnesia Brick(175) Silica Brick(168)
Flake Graphite(167) Feldspar(148) Abrasive(144)
Fire clay(144) Bentonite(135) Ramming Mix(133)
Graphite Electrode(132) MgO-C Brick(128) Tabular Alumina(127)
BFA(126) Fused Silica(117) Andalusite(114)
Refractory product(111) Magnesia chrome brick(106) Magnesia Chrome Brick(106)
WFA(105) Dead Burned Magnesia(105) Chromite(103)
Monolithics(98) Vermiculite(98) Calcined Alumina(96)
Silica Fume(96) Boron Carbide(91) Slide Gate(91)
Calcined Magnesia(90) Kiln Furniture(87) Caustic Calcined Magnesia(85)
Plastics(85) DBM(81) Anchors(77)
Olivine(75) Silicon Carbide Brick(74) Sillimanite(74)
FM(70) Monolithic refractories(70) Chrome Ore(69)
Calcium Aluminate Cement(64) Amorphous Graphite(63) Calcite(62)
Flint Clay(62) Kyanite(60) MgO brick(55)
Ball Clay(51) Cordierite (50) Expandable Graphite(50)
Boron Nitride(46) Phenolic Resin(45) Diatomite(44)
Dead burned magnesite(43) Taphole Clay(39) Magnesia-Chrome Brick(34)
Barytes(34) Dolomite Brick(33) shroud(32)
Unshaped refractories(32) Caustic Calcined Magnesite(31) Sodium Silicate(27)
Sintered Magnesia(27) Sagger(27) Refractory Coatings(26)
Insulating refractory(24) Pyrophyllite(24) Pink Fused Alumina(23)
Mouldable(22) MgO-Cr Brick(21) Plastic refractory(21)
Patching Material(20) Refractory Clay(20) Sialon(19)
Forsterite(18) Talcum(17) MgO-CaO Brick(17)
Insulating board(16) Fiberglass(16) Sliding Plate(14)
Annealing furnace(14) Synthetic Graphite(14) Sepiolite(13)
Carborundum(13) Mineral wool(13) Self-flow Castables(12)
Spodumene(11) Aluminium Silicate(11) Glass fiber(11)
Artificial Graphite(10) Vibratables(9) Carbon Fiber(8)
Forsterite Brick(8) Phosphoric Acid(8) Olivine Brick(7)
Cordierite Kiln furniture(7) Chlorite(7) Borax(7)
Silica Sol(6) Fiber Glass(6) Light Burned Magnesia(5)
Bubble Alumina Brick(5) Magnesia-Alumina Brick(5) Cristobalite(4)
Baddeleyite(4) Unshaped products(4) Soluble fiber(4)
Isostatic Graphite(3) Lignin(3) Industrial Silicon(3)
MgO-Al2O3 Brick(2) MgO-Al Brick(2) Magnesia Dolomite Brick(2)
MgO-Al Brick(2) Bubble Zirconia Brick(2) Zircon Fused Alumina(2)
Silica ore(2) Vein Graphite(2) Corundum Ball(1)
Yttria-stabilized Zirconia(1) Magnesia-dolomite(1) High Alunina Brick(1)
Synthetic Refractories(1) Monofrax(0) Magnesia-Dolomite Brick(0)
MgO-Dolomite Brick(0)
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