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Liaoning Xinrong Mining Group CO.,LTD    
Category: Raw Material
Main Products: CCM,  DBM,  FM,  Magnesia Carbon Brick (MgO-C Brick)
Our company is doing the business about CCM, DBM and FM. You are welcomed to contact with us for the futher information and establish business relationship with us.
Mayerton Refractories (Liaoning) Co., Ltd.    
Category: Product
Main Products: Refractories,  MgO-C bricks,  Al-MgO bricks,  Al-MgO-C bricks,  Taphole sleeves,  Magnesia Calcium Brick (MgO-Ca Brick)
MAYERTON - Leading producer and supplier specialising in a wide range of high quality cost effective reliable refractories to the global iron and steel industry and non ferrous industries. Developing refractory solutions for customers worldwide with our team of refrac...
Neco Ceramics Ltd.    
Category: Product
Main Products: Al-MgO-C bricks,  MgO-C bricks,  Chemically bonded bricks,  Fire Clay bricks,  Pre-cast pre-fired shapes,  Mortars,  Castables,  Basic Gunning & Ramming Mass,  Silica Ramming Mass,  Mudgun & Trough Mass,  Patching Mass,  Siliminate bricks
The unit is a sister concern of the prestigious NECO Group of Industries, NECO Ceramics Limited, a 75 years old Company, diversified in manufacturing Refractories for captive consumption of our sister concerns since more than two decades but since last 4 years we ...
Normag GmbH    
Category: Product
Main Products: MgO-C brick,  Monolithic refractories
Normag GmbH was founded 2002 through a merger of CITIC Europe Resources GmbH located in Bad Homburg and Hong Kong Great Wall Trading Development Ltd. located in Hong Kong. CITIC a Chinese state organization had concentrated on its core business in th...
ORIND Refractories Limited    
Category: Product
Main Products: Bricks for BOF(Basic Oxygen Furnace),  Bricks for EAF(Electric Arc Furnace),  Brick for LLF(Ladle & Ladle Furnace),  high alumina ramming mass,  Basic ramming mass,  filling mass,  Tundish coating,  Castables,  Sliding plate,  Nozzle,  well block,  seating brick,  MgO-C Bricks,  Al-MgO-C Bricks
ORIND is the worldwide leader in magnesia carbon bricks with its state of the art facilities to develop, manufacture and market high performance refractory products. ORIND has the single largest MCB manufacturing plant in the world with a production capacity of 10...
Ossola Industrials, Inc    
Category: Product
Main Products: Dolomite bricks,  MgO-C bricks,  Magnesite bricks,  MgO-Cr bricks,  Monolithics (Magnesite and Dolomite Based Ramming Mix, Gunning Mix, Mortars),  Dead burned magnesite,  Spinel bricks,  Silicon carbide bricks,  FUSED-SILICA Plastic, Castable, Mortar
Ossola Industrials is a full line supplier of extreme temperature and molten metal containment refractory and ceramic-fiber products used in the steel, aluminum, copper, ferrous and non-ferrous foundry, mineral processing, petroleum refining, chemical and power generation indu...
Category: Product
Main Products: Basic Refractories (135 items excluding MgO-C Bricks),  Clinkers (5 items excluding SSMD),  Unshaped Refractories (53 items excluding Spray type),  Acid, neutral and special Refractories,  Designing and manufacturing various industrial furnaces,  Chrome-Magnesia Bricks,  High Alumina Bricks,  Special Alumina Bricks,  Spinel Bricks & Others,  Fire Clay Bricks,  Inculating Fire Bricks
Posco ChemTech is a core company affiliated with Posco group, specializing in coal chemistry and carbon materials. Posco ChemTech started from a company specialized in refractory and shaft tunnel and successfully been executing burned lime manufactures.. Recently we op...
Category: Product
Main Products: non-molded magnesia refractories,  MgO-C brick,  resin-coated carbon-alumina refractories,  tarred-magnesia refractories,  non-molded alumina refractories
RASA - REFRACTARIOS ARGENTINOS S.A.I.C.M., was founded in 1965, after setting up a plant in the San Nicolás industrial park, a province of Buenos Aires, for the production of non-molded magnesia refractories. The first press for the product...
Refractories Corporation of the Philippines    
Category: Product
Main Products: Magnesia Bricks,  Magnesia-Spinel Bricks,  Directed Bonded Magnesia Chrome Bricks,  Super-directed Bonded Magnesia Chrome Bricks,  MgO-C Bricks,  Unburned MgO-Cr Bricks,  High Alumina Bricks,  Monolithics,  Gunning Mix,  Ramming Mass,  Fettling Materials,  Castables,  Fireclay,  Mortars
RCP is world-class provider of refractory systems. RCP has the complete lines of proven cost-effective products, manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality system. The Refractory Systems Engineering Group of RCP recommends the most appropriate products for each fu...
Refrako s.r.o. (RMS, a.s. Košice)    
Category: Product
Main Products: fireclay,  Decorative bricks,  High-Duty Fireclay Bricks,  Acid Bricks,  Low Alumina Fireclay Brick,  Magnesia Bricks,  Regular Dense Castables,  MgO-C Bricks,  Super Duty Bricks,  Spinel Bricks,  High Alumina Castables ,  Ramming masses,  High Alumina Bricks,  AMC Bricks,  Gunning Castables,  High Purity Alumina Bricks,  Insulating Bricks,  Self-flowing Castables,  MAC Bricks,  Fireclay–Graphite Brick,  Insulating Castables,  Put In Mortars,  Basic Ramming Material
The company Refrako s.r.o. was established at the end of year 2002 and it continues in the production of refractory ceramic materials that started in 1965 in the plant Hutnícka keramika of the metallurgical combine VSŽ Košice. The company is a part of group...
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