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Altingoz Refrakter Mad. Pls. San. Tic. Ltd.        
Category: Product
Main Products: Insulation Bricks ,  Ceramic Fiber Blanket,  Precast Bricks,  Ceramic Pipes,  AZS ZAC Bricks,  Design & Repair Jobs
ALTINGOZ REFRAKTER was founded in 1996 on the principles of technical excellence, high quality workmanship, and good service to their customers. The key to success with refractory materials is to select the right products and applications. Altıngoz R...
Altingoz Refrackter Ltd.        
Category: Raw Material
Main Products: High Alumina Bricks,  Chamotte Bricks ,  Silica Bricks,  Mullit Bricks,  Zircon Bricks,  Sillimanite Bricks,  Andolosite Bricks,  Chrome-Magnesite Bricks ,  Mag-Carbon Bricks,  Magnesite Bricks,  Acid-Proof Bricks,  Graphite Bricks,  Silicon Carbide Bricks,  Fused Cast AZS Refractory Bricks,  Fused Mullite Bricks,  a-b Jargal Blocks,  Fused Cast Zircon Bricks,  Fused Cast Zircon Mullite Bricks,  Straight Brick ,  Upper Featheredge Brick ,  Lower Featheredge Brick ,  Temperature Hole Brick ,  Inspection Hole Brick,  Tile Edging Brick,  Ceramic Fiber Blankets ,  Ceramic Fiber Modules,  Ceramic Fiber Boards ,  Ceramic Fiber Paper ,  Ceramic Fiber Ropes ,  Calcium Silicate Boards ,  Calcium Silicate Pipes ,  Bullet-Proof Plates ,  Chamotte Mortars ,  High Alumina Mortars ,  Insulation Mortars ,  Low Cement Refractory ,  AZS ZAC Mortar
Altingoz Ates Tugla Refrakter is Turkey's reputable leading refractory brick supplier with massive stock ranges of bricks. We have been in refractory business since 1977. Our company's head office is located in Istanbul-Cayirova and our branch is based in south of ...
Anadolu Muhendislik Co., Ltd.        
Category: Product
Main Products: refractory,  Slide gate refractory products for steel casting,  Flight nozzles for concast system of continuous casting,  Slage cutting dart for steel converter,  Steel cans for slide gates and nozzles,  Tundish flow control system,  Ladle slide gate valves,  Ramming Mixes for bottom of EAF,  Conductive hot repair mix for bottom of DC-EAF,  Free opening sand for steel ladle,  Precast refractories
Anadolu Muhendislik Co., Ltd. is the leading refractory producer. It was founded in 1988 and located in Gaziantep/Turkey. It is specialized in producing refractories for iron & steel plants. It is also an enterprise which passed IS09001 : 2000 international quality sy...
Ari Kimya ve Metalurji San. Ve Tic. A. S.        
Category: Raw Material
Main Products: Calcined Magnesite
Our company is supplying Magnesite (Magnesium Carbonate mineral), Calcined Magnesite (Magnesium Oxide), Ferric Chloride (liquid), Aluminium Oxide, Zinc, Ferrous and Manganese Sulfate. Our products are exported and widely used in many countries such as Spain, I...
Asil Çelik A.Ş.        
Category: Consumer - Metallurgical
Main Products: steels
IN SERVICE OF DOMESTIC AND GLOBAL MARKETS WITH QUALITY STEEL PRODUCTION Production in Asil Çelik has started in accordance with know-how acquired through the license agreement signed with German company ...
ASMETAL Metalurji San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.        
Category: Product
Main Products: Magnesia carbon bricks,  MgO-C bricks,  Continuous casting refractories,  Sliding plates, ladle and tundish nozzles and well blocks,  Silica Bricks,  Magnesite, Magnesia Alumina, Chrome, Spinel-Carbon, Dolomite-Carbon bricks,  High Alumina Bricks,  Monolithic Refractories,  Flake Graphite,  Expandable Graphite,  High-Purity Graphite,  Graphite Powder,  UHP, HP, RP Graphite Electrods,  Graphite Heat Exchangers,  Graphite Anode,  Carbon Block,  Special Graphite Products,  Silica Fume,  Ferro Silicon,  Silicon Metal
Has been established to represent experienced foreign companies producing consumption materials, equipments , projects and know-how’s to Iron & Steel , Foundry, Aluminium, Cement, Mining, Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical industries in Turkey. Refractories,Graphite E...
Category: Product
We are one of the best refractories companie in Turkey. We offer many kinds of refractory products to the customers all over the world.
Ateş Tuğla        
Category: Product
Main Products: AZS ZAC,  Mullite,  Zircon,  Zircon Mullite,  Andolusite,  Silimanite,  Cordierite Batts,  Jargal,  high and low Alumina Bricks & Blocks,  Silica Bricks,  Mortars,  special and shaped refractories
Since 1982, our company has been providing refractory materials (fire bricks) for industries like glass, ceramic, iron and steel manufacturing plants. At the same time, we have been exporting to many countries in many regions like Europe, Africa, Middle East and North Am...
Aydinlar Refrakter        
Category: Product
Main Products: Precast refractory shapes,  Fire Clay Bricks,  High Alumina Bricks,  Castables,  Mortars,  Ramming Mass,  Gunning Mix
Aydinlar Refractory founded in 1950. Improving his business in application and installation area of industrial furnaces, Aydinlar Refractory became one of the leader companies in monolithic refractory production and application. Aydinlar recently build a production plant o...
Belen Mining Ltd        
Category: Raw Material
Main Products: bauxite ore
Our bauxite quarry discovered in 2008 by us and we established BELEN LTD to supply this good quality bauxite to word . Now all legal and technical arrangements finalized and we are ready to supply Bauxite to worldwide. As four partners having years of experience in ...
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