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Stonebase Refractory Ceramics Company Limited    Hot   
Main Products: /calcined kaolin/Cordierite/fused alumina/High Alumina Brick/insulating bricks/Kiln car blocks/Kiln furniture/mullite/Silica Brick/silica bricks/White fused alumina (WFA)

Stonebase Refractory Ceramics Company Limited is one of key suppliers of mineral raw materials and refractory products, products range includes calcined kaolin, calcined bauxite, mullite, cordierite, brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, tabular alumina, silicon…

Zhengzhou Kaiyuan Refractories Co.,Ltd    Hot   
Main Products: Fire clay refractory brick for glass furnace/Fireclay brick for casting/High alumina brick for blast furnace GL-65/Magnesia-chrome refractory brick/Magnesia-clacium bricks/High Alumina Refractory Mortar/Fireclay Refractory Mortar/Silica Mortar for Hot Blast Furnace/Silica Mortar for Coke Oven/Silica Mortar for Glass Furnace/High Alumina Castable/Alumina Magnesia Spinel Bricks/Refracory precast Block/Refractory Fiber Felts/Refractory Fiber Blanket/Special Magnesia Chrome Brick/Refractory Cement/fireclay stopper head brick/high alumina combined brick/Magnesia Chrome Brick/Direct Bonded Magnesia Chrome Brick/Periclase Spinel Brick/Magnesia Spinel Brick/Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick/Magnesia Calcium Brick/Silica Mullite Brick/Anti-spalling High Alumina Brick/Anti-alkali Brick/Unfired Phosphate High Alumina Brick/Fireclay Checker Brick/High Alumina Brick for Blast Furnace/Low-creep High Alumina Brick for HBF/High Alumina Brick for Steel Making/Anchor Brick for Heating Furnace/Runner Brick for Casting/Silica Brick for HBF/Electrically Fused Rebonded Magnesiate Chrome Brick/Low Creep Fireclay Brick/Low Porosity Fireclay Brick/Andalusite Brick/High Alumina Brick/magnesia brick/Special Andalusite Brick/Pre-formed Block/Brick Insulation Refractory/Brick Refractory Ordinary BRO/fireclay brick/silica brick/monolithic refractory/Light mullite insulating brick/specifical refractory products/refractory blocks/refractory ball/refractory fiber products/silica fire brick

Zhengzhou Kaiyuan Refractories Co.,Ltd is a professional company produces and sales refractory materials for industry of cement,steel and non- ferrous metals etc. Our plant covers an area of 70,000 square maters and has more than 300 employee. The capacity of p…

Laizhou Mingguang Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.    Hot   
Main Products: water-proof agent/Alumina Silicate Ceramic Fiber Board/Calcium Silicate Board/Block

Laizhou Mingguang Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is a manufacturer of thermal insulation materials and special related products in China, especially for industrial furnaces and construction thermal insulation. Main Prod…

Yingkou Jinlong Refractories Group      
Main Products: Al2O3-SiC Carbon Brick/Al2O3-SiC Carbon Brick from Yingkou Jinlong/Alumina Carbon Bricks for Ladle or Hot Metal Ladle/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick from Yingkou Jinlong/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Ladle/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Ladle.jpg/Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon Bricks for Torpedo Car or Hot/Direct Bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick/Electrode/Fused Magnesia with Low Silicon/General Fused Magnesia/General Grade Magnesia Brick/High Grade Magnesia Brick/Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick/Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick from Yingkou Jinlong/Magnesia Brick/Magnesia Brick (MgO Brick)/Magnesia Brick from Yingkou Jinlong/Magnesia Calcia Carbon Bricks for Ladle/Magnesia Carbon Brick (MgO-C Brick)/Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Converter/Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Converter SKA/Magnesia Carbon Bricks for EAF/Magnesia Olivine Brick/MgO Pellet for Slag Making/MgO-C Pellet for Slag Making/Monolithic Refractories/Other material product/Semi-Direct Bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick/Special Grade Magnesia Chrome Brick

Yingkou Jinlong Refractories Group is located in Dashiqiao City, which is justly famed as the Magnesite Capital of China. The Group is an integrated and large-sized enterprise involved in R&D, production and trade of a wide range of refractory products. The Group h…

GSB Group GmbH      
Main Products: flexible elbows/Lances/Pre-cast shapes/RH Snorkels/synthetic slag

GSB Group GmbH is an international player in special refractories for iron & steel.

TCR Co., Ltd ( China)      
Main Products: SiC-Si composite ball/injection mix/Taphole Clay/Slag control system/Continuous casting mold fluxes/Refractories for tundish/Purging or porous plug/Ladle brick/Dry mix for tundish/Ladle castables/Precast blocks/Nozzles and well blocks for tundish/Desulfurizer/Reparing refractories for converter/Gunning mix/Reparing mass/BF reparing by extruding/Ladle filling sands/Cover agent/Iron trough refractories/Argon blowing spray lance/Sol-bonded self-flow castables

TCR is a professional enterprise engaged in research and manufacturing of refractories for iron & steel making as well as contracting project of kiln cnstruction and reparing projects. We are the largest manufacturer of tap hole clay in China with annual output of 24,…

Main Products: Isotropic Graphite Blocks/Pitch Coke/Needle Coke/Coal chemicals/calcium carbonate /anode material/Refractory installation/repairs/Magnesia Clinker/Spercial Castables/Insulating Castables (Gunning Mass)/Insulating Castables (Casting Mass)/Mortar & Miscellaneous/Tundish Coating Materials/Stamp Mass/Spray Materials/Special Insulating Fire Bricks/Special Fire Clay Bricks/Spinel Bricks & Others/High Alumina Bricks/Designing and manufacturing various industrial furnaces/Chrome-Magnesia Bricks/Fire Clay Bricks/Inculating Fire Bricks/Clinkers (5 items excluding SSMD)/Kaolin/Special Alumina Bricks/Acid, neutral and special Refractories/Magnesia Bricks/MgO-C Bricks

Posco ChemTech is a core company affiliated with Posco group, specializing in coal chemistry and carbon materials. Posco ChemTech started from a company specialized in refractory and shaft tunnel and successfully been executing burned lime manufactures.. Recently we…

Anshan Shenjia Refractory Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: Crucible/Graphite Electrode/Magnesia Carbon Brick (MgO-C Brick)/Sliding Nozzle/Stopper

Anshan Shenjia Refractory Material Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Anshan Shenjia Group, is located in Anshan Dadaowan Industrial Park and outside slag door of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation. It covers an area of 60,000㎡ and has a registered capital of RMB 118 mi…

HarbisonWalker International - HWI (former ANH Refractories Co)      
Main Products: Andulsite BrickS/ alumina magnesia bricks/magnesia troweling mix/magnesia carbon brickS/dry ramming mix/magnesia gunning mix/Magnesia brick/castables/Ceramic Fiber/Monolithics/Alumina Brick/Sodium Silicate/Basic Brick/Lightweight Castables/Fireclay Brick/MgO-Cr Bricks for cement industry/Wool Fiberglass/calcining kilns/Superduty fireclay bricks/Zircon-containing Castables/MgO-spinel bricks/Silica Castable/Pre-Cast Shapes/Mortars/rotary kilns/High alumina bricks/Incinerator/Silica Bricks

ANH Refractories Family of Companies is a world-class manufacturer and seller of refractory products. High-performance products and a customer-centered approach featuring sound advice and broad services form the basis of our company’s good reputation. Established f…

Main Products: mortar/FUSED FMA SPINEL/fused magnesia/CAUSTIC CALCINED MAGNESIA/gunning mixes/Resin Bonded Dolomite Bricks /Pitch Bonded Magnesia-Carbon Bricks/casting mix/Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon Bricks/Fired Magnesia Spinel Bricks/Fired Magnesia Bricks/Fused spinel/Fired Alumina Bricks/Fired Dolomite Bricks/ramming mix/Pitch Bonded Dolomite Bricks/dead burnt dolomite/Fired Magnesia Chrome Bricks/dead burnt magnesite/lining mix/Resin Bonded Magnesia-Carbon Bricks

KÜMAŞ is the largest producer and supplier of refractory products for steel, cement, glass, lime, nonferrous and some other industries in Eastern Europe and Turkey. KÜMAŞ is one of the unique examples of refractory producers in the world who has i…

Luoyang Kaierde Refractory Co. Ltd      
Main Products: well block/zirconia nozzle insert/quick change nozzles/Magnesia-based Dry Material/Repairing materials/Castable for Tundish Permanent Lining/Binder for Environment Protection/Calibrating Nozzle and Rapid-replacement of Nozzle/Silica Dry Material/Refractory Furnace Drying Ramming Tamping Mass for Medium Frequency Induction Furnace/Silica Material for Intermediate -frequency Electric Furnace/Fireclay Brick/Wear-resistant Ceramic Coating/Permeable Brick for Converter and Refining/Modified Resin for Dry Materials/Prefused Rare-earth Alloy Silicon-calcium-carbon/Sizing Nozzle/ Refractory metering nozzle/stuffing sand for refractory/Dry Ramming Material for Electric Furnace Bottom/Tundish Pouring Regulator/Castable (Prefabricated Block) with Long Service Life for Electric Furnace Roof/Series Castables for Cement Kiln/Al2O3-MgO-spinel Castables for Ladle

Luoyang Ctiy Kaierde Refractories Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. From the beginning of the enterprise, we have focused on the technological advances, and established the three-level technology managemen…

Magnesita Refratarios S.A      
Main Products: Basic gunning mix/Castables/Dams and weirs for tundishes/Dolomite bricks/Gunning Mix/High alumina bricks or alumina spinel bricks/Industrial magnesium oxide/Industrial talc/Magnesia dolomite mixes/Mechanisms and refractories for Krosaki and Nippon Rotary slide gate systems/MgO-C bricks/MgO-Cr2O3 bricks/Mortar/Nozzle seating block/Other industrial minerals/plates and nozzles made up of alumina, alumina-zirconia, sintered magnesia, magnesia-carbon and alumina-carbon, bonded with resin, cured, coked or burnt for slide gate systems/Porous plugs/Precast refractories/Refractory for continuous casting/Semi insulating bricks/Slide gate plates/Upper and lower nozzles

MAGNESITA S.A. is a Brazilian company with exclusively Brazilian capital, dedicated to mining activities and the production and marketing of a wide line of refractory materials and the rendering of similar services in the different areas within its specialty, either d…

Magnezit Group      
Main Products: cast concrete bricks of corundum composition for tundishes and electric arc furnaces/Caustic Calcined Magnesia (CCM)/caustic magnesite powders/chrome periclase bricks/corundum graphite bricks for continuous casting of steel/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM)/different masses and mortars/fused periclase powder/large dimension pressed magnesia bricks for metallurgical units/periclase bricks made of fused periclase/periclase bricks made of sintered powders/Periclase carbon bricks/periclase chrome bricks/periclase spinel bricks/silicon carbide electric heaters/sintered periclase powders/sliding gates refractories/spinel periclase carbon bricks/stopper periclase refractories

MAGNEZIT GROUP is an integrated company ensuring full production and sales cycle beginning with mining of raw materials and finishing with rendering engineering and after-sales services. Share of the Group on the magnesia refractories market of CIS countries exceeds 6…

RHI (Dalian) Refractories Co., Ltd. & RHI Trading (Dalian) Co. Ltd. & RHI Liaoning Refractories Co.,      
Main Products: Alumina based castables/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick/Alumina magnesia carbon bricks/Functional Products for Continuous Casting/Functional Refractories for Countinuous Casting/Gunning mix for convertors, EAF/Gunning mix for tundish/Magnesia based refractories/Magnesia bricks/Magnesia Carbon Brick (MgO-C Brick)/Magnesia carbon bricks/MgO series refractories/Patching materials/Porous bricks/Ramming mass/Slide Gate Plate/Sliding gates

RHI is the world market leader in the development, production and service of refractory materials. We are the technology leader. With our 8000 employees and more than 100 locations we are closer to the customer than anyone else.

Tianjin Monocon Refractories Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: BOS Slag Control System/Ladle Refractory/Monolithic Lances/Tundish Lining

Tianjin Monocon Refractories Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Monocon International Refractories Ltd, based in UK, which is a member company of IFGL Group, India.

Vesuvius Malaysia Sdn Bhd      
Main Products: engineering services

We are a global leader in metal flow engineering, providing a full range of engineering services and solutions to its customers worldwide, principally serving the steel and foundry industries.

Yixing Fuhua Casting New Material Technology Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: insulated feeder

Yixing Fuhua Casting New Material Technology Co., ltd, professional in casting new material and technology, our products covers light weight riser brick for foundry, asstistant material for foundry, dry coating and other material for losing foam…

Zibo Inture(Yuqun) High Temperature New Material Technology Co.,Ltd      
Main Products: glass furnace/ plunger/ zirconia bricks/*magnesia zircon bricks/Alumina Brick/Andalusite bricks/AZS bricks/castable/channel blocks/Corundum bricks/corundum-mullite bricks/Fire bricks/Fireclay Brick/forehearth/high alumina bricks/insulation brick/magnesia alumina bricks/Magnesia Brick (MgO Brick)/magnesia bricks/magnesia chrome bricks/magnesia spinel bricks/magnesia-zircon bricks/Magnesite bricks/Mastics/Mortars/Mullite Brick/Mullite bricks/orifice rings/ramming mix/refractory/refractory bricks/refractory manufacture/regenerator bricks/revolving tube/Silica Brick/Silica bricks/sillimanite bricks/spout/stirring paddle/Titanium corundum bricks/tunnel kiln/zircon bricks/zircon mullite bricks

Fire bricks, refractory bricks, fireclay bricks, high alumina bricks, alumina balls, Ceramic balls, magnesia bricks, Magnesite bricks, magnesia alumina bricks, magnesia chrome bricks, magnesia spinel bricks, magnesia-zircon bricks, Andalusite bricks, casting sillim…

Shandong Yaohua Refractory Material Science & Technology CO.,Ltd.      
Main Products: / High Alumina Brick/ Low Cement Castable/ MC-1 Type Paint/ Abrasion Resistance Monolayer Insulation Lining/ Acid-proof Castable and Concrete/ Gunning Mix For Converter And Dry Ramming Mix For EAF/ High Alumina Mortar/ Light Weight Insulation Brick/ Modified Water Glass Acid-Resistant Mortar/Abrasion Resistance Monolayer Insulation Lining/Abrasion Resistance Refractory Mortar/Abrasion-resistant Refractory Fabricable Castable/Acid Clinker Tile For Coke Oven/Acid Resistant/Proof Brick/Acid-proof Bonding Mortar/Acid-resistant Ceramic Tile/Alumina Brick/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Board/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Blanket/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Module/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Rope/Cement Kiln Preheater System Anti-crust Blockage Refractory Castable /Ceramic Fiber Products/Ceramic Fibre Cloth/Ceramic Fibre Paper/Clay and High Alumina Brick for Carbon Calciner/Roaster/Expanded Perlite Insulation Plate/Fireclay and High Alumina Refractory Plastics/Fireclay Brick/Fireclay Brick for Steel Teeming/Fireclay Mortar/Glaze Refractory Brick For Chimney Lining/Gunning Mix For EAF/Hexmetal Abrasion Resistant Insulation Lining/HF Series High Strength Refractory Castable/High Alumina Insulating Brick/High Alumina Wearable Brick/High Performance Castable/High Strength Abrasion Resistant Castable/High Strength and High Alumina Castable/Insulation acid-proof black concrete block/Insulation Refractory Castable/Light Weight Clay Brick/Light Weight Refractory Castable/Low Porosity Fireclay Brick/MC-2 Type Paint/MC-type Anti-corrosion Paint for Chimney/Mullite Corundum Insulation Brick /Phosphate Bonded Refractory Mortar/Phosphate High Alumina Brick/Refractory Abrasion Resistant Brick/Refractory Abrasion Resistant Castable/Refractory Castable/Refractory Castable for BF Troughs and Runners/Refractory Castable for Sulfur Recovery Furnace, Waste Boiler, Exhaust Incinerator/Refractory Material/Self-flow Castable/Silica Brick/Special Acid-proof Bricks/Special-type Refractory Mortar/ZL Series Self-flowing Castable

 ZIBO Yaohua Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd, is a synthetic company,which integrates scientific research,design,production and sales of furnace and refractory materials.The company,located at Industrial Park,Zouping District,covers 19300 square meters with a present bui…

"TABEX-OZMO" Sp. z o.o.      
Main Products: monolithics: mortar, grog, concrete/prefabricated unit/shaped products/straights, arch bricks

History of "TABEX-OZMO" Sp. z o. o. is connected with development of steel industry in Staropolski Okreg Przemyslowy. Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski become a very important centre after The Ostrowieckie Zaklady had been established in 1895.The main goal of a new company was …

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