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HarbisonWalker International, Inc. - HWI      
Main Products: Andulsite BrickS/ alumina magnesia bricks/magnesia troweling mix/magnesia carbon brickS/dry ramming mix/magnesia gunning mix/Magnesia brick/castables/Ceramic Fiber/Monolithics/Alumina Brick/Sodium Silicate/Basic Brick/Lightweight Castables/Fireclay Brick/MgO-Cr Bricks for cement industry/Wool Fiberglass/calcining kilns/Superduty fireclay bricks/Zircon-containing Castables/MgO-spinel bricks/Silica Castable/Pre-Cast Shapes/Mortars/rotary kilns/High alumina bricks/Incinerator/Silica Bricks

ANH Refractories Family of Companies is a world-class manufacturer and seller of refractory products. High-performance products and a customer-centered approach featuring sound advice and broad services form the basis of our company’s good reputation. Established f…

Commercial Metals Company      
Main Products: Industrial Raw Materials/Metal Recycling/Mill Products

With corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas, Commercial Metals Company operates more than 120 local recycling centers; steel mills; fabrication facilities; marketing and distribution offices; construction-related product stores; heat treating facilities; and other re…

A & B Industrial Services      
Main Products: Cryogenic Perlite evacuation and installation/Expanded Perlite

A & B Industrial Services located in Sulphur, La. was organized to serve the Cryogenic Industry. We are the Cryogenic Perlite evacuation and installation experts. In business since January 2000, we have successfully completed numerous jobs for all the major air sepera…

A & M Refractories      
Main Products: Burner Blocks/Coke Oven Shapes/Kiln Furniture/Ladle Bottoms and Well Blocks/Pocket Blocks/refractories/Tundish Furniture

Located in southern Ohio & specializing in precast shapes, A & M Refractories, Inc. makes a variety of shapes such as, but not limited to: tundish furniture, coke oven shapes, burner blocks, deltas, ladle bottoms, pocket blocks and ladle well blocks. A 55,000 square f…

A.E. Fleming Company      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: UV Light Stabilizers and Adsorbers/Wetting Additives/Chromium Oxide Green/Natural and Synthetic Iron Oxides/Mason Color Complex Inorganic Color Pigments/AArbor Colorant Organic Pigments/Titanium Dioxide /Precipitated Silica/Western Bentonite/Wollastonite/Nepheline Syenite/Attapulgite Clay/Talc (Magnesium Silicate)/Kaolin Clays/Tabular Alumina/Alumina Trihydrate (ATH)/Feldspar/Antimony Oxide/Dry-Ground Mica/Barium Sulfate (Barytes)/Calcium Carbonates - dry and wet ground/Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum, Terra Alba)/Epoxy Resins/High-Solids and Water-Reducible Alkyds/Specialty and modified Alkyds/density foam board/Dental Plaster/Buff Stone/Model Plasters/Low Expansion Prototype Plasters/Medium Expansion Plasters/Pottery Plasters/Metal Casting Plasters/Fiber/Water-base Adhesives/Silica/Mica/Talc/Calcined Kaolin

Since 1952, the A.E. Fleming Company has been an established distributor in the raw materials and container field. The goal of A.E. Fleming and its employees is to reach the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Our company strives to meet customer needs, r…

A.J. Carsten Company Ltd.      
Main Products: Jar Roller Mill/Bake-out, Burn-off Conveyor Oven/Belt Furnaces/High temperature pusher kiln/High tempreture periodic kilns/Infrared Conveyor Oven/Tape casting machines/Two Tier

We manufacture industrial kilns, furnaces, ovens and casting machines for the technical ceramics industry. We maintain a standard list of our equipment lines and also manufacture according to customer specifications. See our products page for more information. The A.…

Aardvark Clay and Supplies Inc.      
Main Products: Amaco Electric Kilns/Burners/Ceramic Services Raku Kilns/Cordierite kiln furniture/Cordierite shelves and posts/Cress Kilns/Fiber blanket/Geil Kilns/Hard and soft brick/Kiln patch/Kiln wash/Mortars/Orton cones/Other equipment and supplies/Setter/Silicon Carbide kiln furniture/Silicon carbide shelves/Skutt Glass Kilns/Skutt Kilns/Stilts/Zen Raku Kiln

Aardvark Clay and Supplies was founded in 1972 in Santa Ana, California, with the purpose of manufacturing quality clays and basic materials for the studio potter in the most customer oriented manner possible. As our reputation with the potters grew, so did our trade …

Abbott Furnace Company      
Main Products: Rotary Table Parts Accumulator/Lab Furnaces/Nitrogen Moisturizing Systems/Brazing Furnaces/Steam Treat Furnaces/TPP 300 Thermal Powder Processor/Heat Treat Furnaces/Sintering Furnaces

ABBOTT Furnace Company is a custom industrial furnace manufacturer specializing in continuous belt industrial furnaces. ABBOTT industrial furnaces are used in a wide variety of applications including Powdered Metal, Heat Treating, Brazing, Annealing, Sintering, Thick …

Able Supply Company      
Main Products: Mortars & Coatings/Ceramic Fiber Modules/FireBrick/Ceramic Anchors/Mortars/Dense Castables/Ramming mixes/Gunning Mixes/Ceramic Fiber Blanket/Insulating Castables

Able Supply stocks a complete line of refractory materials including ceramic fiber blanket. Able Supply manufactures a complete line of refractory products including dense castables and light weight castable refractories, gunning and ramming refractory mixes, plastic …

Abresist Corporation      
Main Products: NS Epoxy Bonded Wear Compound/Silicon Carbide Ceramics/Tungsten Carbide/Flexible Wear Protection/TWC Trowelable Epoxy Repair Compound/Cast Zirconium Corundum/Wear Detection Monitor System/Zirconium Corundum/ceramic linings/fused cast basalt lining

Founded in 1977, Abresist Corporation, based in Urbana, Indiana, manufactures fused cast basalt and ceramic linings that provide excellent abrasion and impact protection. Specifically constructed for use wherever wear and abrasion are a problem, ABRESISTŽ linings…

Abrisa Co.      
Main Products: Quartz/Fused Silica/SCHOTT Pyran® Fire Rated Ceramic Glass/SCHOTT Robax® Transparent Ceramic Glass/Quartz and Fused Silica Glasses

Abrisa Glass & Coatings manufactures commercial grade glass products for various industry applications in lighting, architecture and emerging technologies. Abrisa’s 100,000 square feet plant is devoted to solution-based, industrial flat glass manufacturing, products…

AC Technologies, Inc.      
Main Products: Alumina & Mullite Tubing/Cast Tubing/Extruding Tubing/Machinable Ceramics & Magnesia Ceramics

AC Technologies, Inc., an advanced ceramics company, offers "off the shelf" standard Alumina & Mullite Tubing, Machinable Ceramics & Magnesia Ceramics. Our Custom Ceramic Fabrication facilities include Design & Application Services to meet the varied needs of industry…

ACC Resources Co., L.P.      
Main Products: Aluminium Powder/Amorphous Graphite/Andalusite/Baryte/Brown Fused Alumina/Brucite/Calcined Alumina/Calcined Bauxite/Calcined Flint Clay/Calcined Kaolin/Caustic Calcined Magnesite/Ceramic Fiber/Chamotte/Chlorite/Chrome Ore/Chrome Oxide Green/Dead Burned Magnesite/Feldspar/Ferro Chrome/Ferro Silicon/Fused Magnesite/Fused Magnesite Chrome/Fused Silica/Fused Zirconia/Garnet/Graphite Boards/Graphite Electrode/High Alumina Cement/Mica/Mullite/Natural Flake Graphite/Olivine/Perlite/Phenolic Resin/Silica Fume/Silica Sand/Silicon Carbide/Silicon Metal/Sodium Silicate/Spinel - Fused & Sintered/Tabular Alumina/Talc/Vermiculite/White Fused Alumina/Wollastonite/Zircon Sand

ACC Resources Co., L.P. draws its lineage from Alumina Cement Corporation which was established in New York City in 1957 by Metalworks Lübeck (Germany) and eventually sold to U.S. Steel in 1975. The primary business of Alumina Cement Corporation was the selling and m…


Accenture solves our clients' toughest challenges by providing unmatched services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. We partner with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, driving innovation to improve the way the world works and…

Main Products: refractory/thermal processing equipment/ceramics/kilns/ovens/industrial furnaces

Site for marketing used thermal process equipment. Searchable inventory includes heat treating furnaces, ceramic kilns, and processing ovens. Includes listing and enquiry forms and terms and conditions for sellers and buyers.

Accumet Materials Co.      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Aluminum Nitride Powder/Aluminum Oxide/Magnesium Oxide/UPG15 Graphite Powder 15 microns a.p.s.

High purity ceramic crucibles in Aluminum Oxide and Magnesium Oxide. Aluminum Nitride powder, Aluminum Nitride substrates, bare and metallized, fabricated shapes, all to your specifications. Now ... Aluminum Nitride Thin Films!!! We can also Thin Film Coat many m…

Accuratus Corporation      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Aluminum Nitride/Aluminum Oxide/Boron Nitride/Fused Silica/Mullite/Sialon/Silicon Carbide/Silicon Nitride/Zirconium Oxide

Accuratus Corporation inventories materials for fast delivery of specialty materials and commodity ceramics. Accuratus is a stocking distributor of Macor machinable glass ceramic, a unique material developed by Corning Incorporated. Visit the Macor pages for informat…

Acera Technology      
Main Products: Crucibles/Fluxing Containers/Hearth Plates/Muffles/Saggers

A full service manufacturer of high quality ceramic refractory products since 1951. Committed to on time delivery and responsiveness to customer needs. Serving industrial processes where extremely high temperatures exist along with the need to support, contain or gu…

Active Minerals Company LLC      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Magnesium Alumino Silicate

Active Minerals Company LLC introduces Acti-Gel™ 208 a Highly Purified, Self-Dispersing Magnesium Alumino Silicate. Acti-Gel™ 208 is a highly purified Magnesium Alumino Silicate intended for high performance use as a Binder, Thixotrope, Reinforcement Addi…

AdValue Technology      
Main Products: Alumina Combustion Boat/Alumina Crucible/Alumina Crucibles/Alumina Plates/Alumina Tube/Crucible for silicon crystal growth/Fused Quartz Customization/Fused Quartz Transparent Crucible/Zirconia Combustion Boat/Zirconia Crucible/Zirconia Crucibles/Zirconia Customization

AdValue Technology is a leading supplier of alumina products, zirconia products, and fused quartz products. Our alumina crucibles, zirconia crucibles, and fused quartz crucibles are used in a wide range of applications, such as ceramics/glass manufacturing, chemical…

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