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Eredi Scabini Srl - Advanced Refractory Solutions    Hot   
Main Products: Castables

Eredi Scabini was established in 1945 by its visionary founder Osvaldo Scabini. It has always implemented a corporate policy strongly oriented towards quality and the continual innovation of its offering. It is well known for its impressive capability for offerin…

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions (RMS)    Hot   
Main Products: Precast shapes/alumina chrome mortars/ramming materials and mouldables/High alumina ramming materials/High alumina mortars/Alumino silicate gunning materials/Alumino silicate castables/Alumino silicate mortars/Alumino silicate ramming masses/Alumina silicate mortars/Baisc Gunning materials/Basic Ramming masses/Basic Castables/Basic mortars/Alumina silicate Brick/Basic brick/high alumina bricks

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions, previously named Verref Shaped, is an independent refractory manufacturer specializing in: - Basic and alumino silicate and high alumina bricks; - Basic mortars, castables, ramming masses and gunning materials; - Alumino s…

LKAB Minerals Ltd.    Hot   
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Almag brick (Al-MgO brick)/Alumina mag carbon brick/Andalusite/Bauxite/Bentonites/castable/Chromite Sand/Dolomite Granules/Exfoliated Vermiculite/Firebrick/Flintclay/Fused Alumina/Hard Brown Magnesite Brick/High alumina brick/Mag carbon brick (MgO-C brick)/Mag chrome brick (MgO-Cr brick)/Natural Flake Graphite/Olivine/plastic/Refractory brick/Silicon carbide brick/Slag control system/spray paint/Zircon Flour/Zircon Sand

Since July 1 2013, Minelco has changed name to LKAB Minerals. The Minelco brand has, since its formation in 1989, become well-known in the world of minerals. Today we feel it is time to build one strong global brand together with our owner LKAB. We remain the same co…

Henan Lite Refractory Material Co., Ltd    Hot   
Main Products: Alumina brick/High Alumina Refractory Castable/Bauxite Refractory Aggregate/Ceramic Regenerative Ball for Heating Furnace/High Alumina Ball for Hot Blast Furnace/Medium Alumina Ceramic Ball for Ball Mill/Ceramic Fiber Blanket/Fire Clay Insulating Bricks/High Alumina Insulation Bricks/Mullite Insulation Bricks/Magnesia Carbon Bricks/Silica Bricks/High Alumina Bricks/Magnesia Chrome Bricks/Silimanite Bricks/castables/corundum brick/fire bricks/ high alumina brick for blast furnace/corundum-mullite brick/Refractory Ball/fireclay brick for blast furnace/environmental anhydrous tapehole clay /Lightweight Brick/Fireclay Brick from Lite refractory

Henan Lite Refractory Material Co.,Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise specialized in refractory production and reaserch. Lite products serve steel & nonferrous casting …

RHI Magnesita (Brazil)      
Main Products: Basic gunning mix/Castables/Dams and weirs for tundishes/Dolomite bricks/Gunning Mix/High alumina bricks or alumina spinel bricks/Industrial magnesium oxide/Industrial talc/Magnesia dolomite mixes/Mechanisms and refractories for Krosaki and Nippon Rotary slide gate systems/MgO-C bricks/MgO-Cr2O3 bricks/Mortar/Nozzle seating block/Other industrial minerals/plates and nozzles made up of alumina, alumina-zirconia, sintered magnesia, magnesia-carbon and alumina-carbon, bonded with resin, cured, coked or burnt for slide gate systems/Porous plugs/Precast refractories/Refractory for continuous casting/Semi insulating bricks/Slide gate plates/Upper and lower nozzles

MAGNESITA S.A. is a Brazilian company with exclusively Brazilian capital, dedicated to mining activities and the production and marketing of a wide line of refractory materials and the rendering of similar services in the different areas within its specialty, either d…

Dengfeng Shaolin Corundum Co., Ltd(Zhengzhou whale Refractory Co.Ltd)      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Compound refining slag/Low Carbon Covering Flux/premelted calcium aluminate/ESR Slag/basic mold flux/Calcium Aluminate/fused calcium aluminate/Premolten calcium aluminate refining slag/Calcium aluminate powder/High alumina low calcium refining slag/Purifying steel covering flux/Alumina Bubble/Cenosphere/fluorite/Alumina cement/Silicon carbide deoxidizer/Compound reforming agent/Slag modifier/Calcium silicate refining slag/Sintered calcium aluminate refining slag/Acidic Covering flux/calcium aluminate flux/calcium aluminate cement clinker/metallurgy flux/calium aluminate/Synthetic Slag/Calcium Silicate/Calcium aluminate with MgO/laddle covering agent/tundish flux /flux/Fused Magnesia/Refractory cement/Zirconia Mullite/High alumina brick/High alumina castable/Kerflux/Alumina bubble ball/White Fused Alumina/Brown Fused Alumina/other Refractory Products/Bauxite/Silicon carbide/metallugy flux/Calcium Silicate product/Aluminate Cement (Alumina Cement)/Ferro-silicon Nitride/Corundum refractory mortar/Calcium Aluminate Cement/White Fused Alumina (WFA)/Brown Fused Alumina (BFA)/Dense Corundum/Wollastonite/Covering Flux /Calcium Ferrite/Calcined Bauxite/Fused Magnesia Alumina Spinel/fused magnesium spinel/BFA Slag/calcium silicate board/Sub-white fused alumina/fused mullite/Metallurgical auxiliary materials/covering agent/zirconia fused alumina/Sub-white fused alumina from Zhengzhou whale/Dense Corundum from Zhengzhou whale Refractory/Fused Magnesia Alumina Spinel from Zhengzhou whale/Brown Fused Alumina from Zhengzhou whale Refractory/Fused Magnesia Alumina Spinel from Henan Whale/FOB price for Brown Fused Alumina/Brown fused alumina/refractory

DengFeng ShaoLin Corundum CO., LTD, specializing in producing fused abrasive materials, refractory materials, metallurgical auxiliary materials, and agricultural products, has grown to be a medium-sized enterprise under the leadership of Zhao Fayan, the chairman &gen…

Shandong Yaohua Refractory Material Science & Technology CO.,Ltd.      
Main Products: / High Alumina Brick/ Low Cement Castable/ MC-1 Type Paint/ Abrasion Resistance Monolayer Insulation Lining/ Acid-proof Castable and Concrete/ Gunning Mix For Converter And Dry Ramming Mix For EAF/ High Alumina Mortar/ Light Weight Insulation Brick/ Modified Water Glass Acid-Resistant Mortar/Abrasion Resistance Monolayer Insulation Lining/Abrasion Resistance Refractory Mortar/Abrasion-resistant Refractory Fabricable Castable/Acid Clinker Tile For Coke Oven/Acid Resistant/Proof Brick/Acid-proof Bonding Mortar/Acid-resistant Ceramic Tile/Alumina Brick/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Board/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Blanket/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Module/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Rope/Cement Kiln Preheater System Anti-crust Blockage Refractory Castable /Ceramic Fiber Products/Ceramic Fibre Cloth/Ceramic Fibre Paper/Clay and High Alumina Brick for Carbon Calciner/Roaster/Expanded Perlite Insulation Plate/Fireclay and High Alumina Refractory Plastics/Fireclay Brick/Fireclay Brick for Steel Teeming/Fireclay Mortar/Glaze Refractory Brick For Chimney Lining/Gunning Mix For EAF/Hexmetal Abrasion Resistant Insulation Lining/HF Series High Strength Refractory Castable/High Alumina Insulating Brick/High Alumina Wearable Brick/High Performance Castable/High Strength Abrasion Resistant Castable/High Strength and High Alumina Castable/Insulation acid-proof black concrete block/Insulation Refractory Castable/Light Weight Clay Brick/Light Weight Refractory Castable/Low Porosity Fireclay Brick/MC-2 Type Paint/MC-type Anti-corrosion Paint for Chimney/Mullite Corundum Insulation Brick /Phosphate Bonded Refractory Mortar/Phosphate High Alumina Brick/Refractory Abrasion Resistant Brick/Refractory Abrasion Resistant Castable/Refractory Castable/Refractory Castable for BF Troughs and Runners/Refractory Castable for Sulfur Recovery Furnace, Waste Boiler, Exhaust Incinerator/Refractory Material/Self-flow Castable/Silica Brick/Special Acid-proof Bricks/Special-type Refractory Mortar/ZL Series Self-flowing Castable

 ZIBO Yaohua Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd, is a synthetic company,which integrates scientific research,design,production and sales of furnace and refractory materials.The company,located at Industrial Park,Zouping District,covers 19300 square meters with a present bui…

A.M. Refractories & Monolithics      
Main Products: Refractories Sleeves /Castable and High Temperature Refractories/Ceramic Fiber Products

We are an emerging organization, which has gained prominence for supplying and exporting wide range of refractory product, chemical product, castable refractories, fire bricks and insulation material. The wide assortment of our products includes Castable Refractories,…

A.V.D. Belgium Sprl-Bvba      
Main Products: Andalusite bricks/Conventional and special castables/Dry Cements and Mortars/Fireclay bricks/Free Flow castables/Gunning castables and specialties/Gunning Granulars/High alumina bricks/Insulating bricks/Insulating castables/Low and Ultra Low Cement castables/Monolithics & precasts/Ramming Granulars/Ramming products (ramming mass)/Silica bricks/Silicon carbide products/Wet Mortars/Zircon bricks

AVD was established in 1982 by a group of engineers with more than 20 years experience in heavy industry and railway industry. As one of our customers, you therefore stand to benefit from our extensive know-how in the research and retailing of industrial drive compone…

Aaditya Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.      
Main Products: Castable Refractories/Fire Cement (Heat Resistant Cement)/Fire Clay/General Grade Refractory/High Alumina Bricks/High Alumina Fire Bricks/Monolithic refractories/Refractory Material/Refractory mortar/Sillimanite bricks/Special Shape Brick

Aaditya Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. came to an existence due to its parent company 'Sai Ceramic Engineers Pvt. Ltd.' which is basically into marketing & constructing field since last 35 years, serving Indian Industries. Our parent company takes turnkey base jobs for construct…

Abax Industries Ltd.      
Main Products: Ladle shroud/Monolithic refractories for EAF (Corundum Castables, Refractory preshapes, Tap hole fillers, Dry ramming mix, Gunning mix)/Monolithic refractories for ladle and tundish (Castables, coating mix, )/Purging plug/refractory materials for steel-making and continuous-casting/Sliding nozzle/Stopper/Tundish nozzles

A team of professionals will work on your caster-project in order to find the optimum solution for your requirements, considering required performance and budget restraints. We are constantly improving our design for making it more productive and involving lower trans…

Abdulmohsen Group      
Main Products: Furnace Refractory Bricks,Ladle Refractory Bricks,High Carbon Recarburizer,Tundish Impact Bricks,Furnace Gunning Mass,Carbon Additives,Castables,Graphite Electrodes,Sell Cement, Clinker

The Abdulmohsen Abunohaya Group of companies was established by its current chairman and owner Abdulmohsen Abunohaya in 05-10-2004 in Al Khobar, ( Dhahran ) Eastern Province Saudi Arabia as a small Maintenance and Operation company(AMO). Then in 27-10-2004 the group o…

Main Products: Plastics refractories, castables and mortars/Shaped dense refractories of low, medium and high alumina/Shaped insulating refractories of ceramics and chemical bond

Abrigada operates in close co-operation with the company AMR (ABRIGADA, Montagens e Revestimentos, S.A.), supplying a complete service of production and assembly of refractory linings. AMR is an independent company since 1996 and it evolved from the Assembly Departm…

Ada Metal Demir Çelik Geri Dönüşüm San. ve Tic. A.Ş.      
Main Products: Castables/Crucibles/Fire Clay/High Alumina brick

Graphite silicon carbide crucibles, casting chemicals, furnace bricks, reractories, cutting tools are our products that we market.

Adament Refractory Settings Ltd.      
Main Products: Alumina firebricks/Calcium silicate board/Ceramic fibre blanket/Dense castables/Incineration/Insulating castables/Insulation bricks/kilns & furnaces/UK Company Quotation on alumina firebricks & insulation bricks

Adament Refractory Settings was established prior to 1930 & undertakes refractory installations throughout the UK. We can give free quotations & advice as to suitable refractory design. Dedicated service & low cost base. Our clients range from sole traders to blue c…

Adeem Almustaqble Co. Ltd.      
Main Products: bauxite/brick/castable/monolithic

Adeem Almustaqble Co. Ltd. is one of the largest supplier companies established at Iraq -Baghdad Commercial chamber since April , 2004 . It has very long experiences for supplying chemicals , Refractories , Raw Materials and Engineering equipment . our staff have …

Main Products: Caustic Calcined Magnesite/Insulator grog grains & Powder/Sillimanite grains & powder/Dunite Granules/Alumina Castables/All Mineral Powder/Calcined Clay/Zircon Powder/Magnesium Sulphate/Boiler Bed Material/AZS Grains & Power/Kyanite And Calcined Kyanite/Dead Burnt Magnesite/Mullite grains & Powder/Gunning Mass/Magnesium Chloride Flakes/Ramming Mass/Chromite ore/Burned Magnesite/Magnesium Chloride/Spray Mass/Olivine Sand grains Magnesium Salphate

We manufacture various grades of Magnesite both from Local and imported Magnesite ranging from 65% MgO to 95% MgO, calcined Magnesite, Wide application rage Ramming mass which cater various Composition. Calcined Magnesite, Spray Mass, Gunning Mass, Minerals like Felds…

Advanced Ceramics & Crucible      
Main Products: Ceramic Coating/Alumina/Zirconia/Silicon Carbide/Refractory castables/Induction furnace linings/Silicon Carbide Crucibles

Advanced Ceramics & Crucible are distributors of high quality ceramic consumables for molten metals, industrial process heating, chemical and power generation industry. Advanced Ceramics & Crucible are the North American distributors for Nippon Crucible Company, Toky…

AGC Ceramics Co., Ltd (Asahi Glass Ceramics Co., Ltd.)      
Main Products: Pre-cast block/Zircon mortar/Basic mortar/Silica mortar/Fireclay mortar/CW mortar/Alumina zircon tamping material/Zircon tamping material/High alumina tamping material/High purity alumina mortar/Alumina zircon mortar/Fused AZS sealing material /High alumina hot sealing material/High alumina self-flow castable/Zircon patching material/chrome bricks/mullite brick/silimanite/zircon brick/alumina-zircon brick/fireclay bricks/High-alumina bricks/basic bricks/Monolithic refractories for glass melting furnaces/MgO-Cr Bricks for converter, refining nonferrous metal/Refractories used in cement kilns/Fused cast refractories(Zirconia, AZS, Alumina, Alumina-Mullite)/Al2O3-Cr2O3 low-cement castable & chrome-free castable for waste melting furnaces/Castables for incinerators/(chrome-free brick(special MgO-spinel bricks) for burning-zone, MgO-spinel bricks for the upper and lower transition zone, and Al2O3-silica bricks for the calcining zone)/Monolithic refractories for Aluminum melting furnaces/Monolithics

By providing solutions based on ceramics materials, AGCC aims to contribute to the realization of an environmentally friendly and better society. We also aim to inspire confidence in our customers, and be regarded with pride and satisfaction by our employees. Glass E…

AGC Plibrico Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: High Abrasion Resistance Plastic Refractory/Patching Refractories/Rumming Refractories/Insulating Products/TACKO anchor/pre-cast blocks/Refractory Mortar/Gunning insulation materials/Castable refractories/Plastic Refractories

AGC Plibrico was established in 1954 as the pioneer of specialized monolithic refractory manufacturer  in Japan. Since then, AGC Plibrico has grown to be an EPC solution provider designing refractory…

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