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Yingkou ShengCheng International Trading Co., Ltd.    Hot   
Main Products: Large Crystal Fused Magnesia 97.5%/Large Crystal Fused Magnesia 96.5%/Fused magnesia (FM) 96%/Fused magnesia (FM) 97.5%/Fused magnesia (FM) 97%/Large Crystal Fused Magnesia 97%/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM) 97%/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM) 95%/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM) 92%/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM) 90%

Yingkou ShengCheng International Trading Co., Ltd., established in September 2014, is a leading type of export enterprise which dedicates to the development of international trade. Our company has a registered capital of RMB 5 million and is mainly engaged …

Category:Raw Material
Main Products: aggregates/caustic magnesia/dead burned magnesia/magnesia based dry fettling oiled mixes/magnesia based dry mixes/magnesia based gunning mixes/magnesia based mortar/magnesia based tundish coating mixes/magnesium carbonate/olivine based high refractory mix/Synthetic magnesia

GRECIAN MAGNESITE is a privately owned company established in 1959 as a mining and industrial concern. However the magnesite mining expertise of the owners (Portolos family) goes back to 1914, when J.G. Lambrinides the “eminence grise” of Greek magnesite and a pione…

Komateq AS      
Main Products: Celullose fibers/DBM/dead burned magnesia/Fetling mixes/Filling mixes/flake graphite/fused magnesite chrome/Gunning mixes/High Iron Oxide DBM/Mixes for Basic Oxygen Convertors/Mixes for Casting Ladles/Mixes for Electric Arc Furnaces/olivine/Quartzite/Ramming mixes/Repair mixes/Special mixes

KOMATEQ a.s. was grounded on the 1st of September 2004 as a joint-venture between Steinbock Bauxite & Logistik AG and SMZ a.s. Jelšava in the town Revúca. The town is located in middle of Slovakia, it`s surrounded by very nice nature, and it’s very near to all …

Ube Material Industries, Ltd.      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Calcia/Calcium Carbonate/Caustic Calcined Magnesia (CCM)/Caustic Magnesia/Clinker Spinel/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM) /Magnesia clinker/Magnesium and Calcium based chemical products/Magnesium Hydroxide

Ube Material Industries, Ltd., a member of the Ube Industries Group, is a leading manufacturer of quicklime and other calcia related products derived from limestone which is abundant raw material in Japan. Also, we are the sole manufacture of magnesia clinker in Japan…

Zhong Tang (Dalian) Materials Co.,LTD      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Silicon carbide/Bauxite/White Fused Alumina/Fused magnesia (FM)/Large Crystal Fused Magnesia/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM)/Brown Fused Alumina (BFA)/Calcined Bauxite/Silicon Metal

ZT Refractory limited is registered in Hong Kong ,China in 17th of May 2018 . Our business focuses on refractory raw materials and finished products for steel&iron mills. As a sub branch of Zhong Tang(Dalian)Materials Co.,ltd,which started the …

China Haicheng Doyo Talc Powder Factory      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: balck silicon carbide/caco3/calcium carbonate/caustic burned magnesita/caustic burned magnesium/caustic calcined magnesia/caustic calcined magnesita/caustic calcined magnesium/ccm/china talc factory/china talc powder/dbm/dead burned magnesia/dead burned magnesita/dead burned magnesium/export sic/export talc/export talc powder/fluorite/fluorspar/fluorspar powder/haichen talc/haichen talc powder/haichen talc powder No.1/haichen talc powder No.2/haichen talc powder No.3/haicheng talc/haicheng talc plant/haicheng talc powder/haicheng talc powder factory/magnesium oxide /mgo/paint grade talc powder/plastic grade talc powder/sell talc/sell talc powder/sic/silicon carbide/talc/talc plant/talc powder/talc powder factory/talcum


China Haicheng Talc-MgO Inc.      
Main Products: balck sic/black silicon carbide/caustic calcined magnesite/ccm/dbm/dbm 90/dead burned magnesia/dead burned magnesite/graphite ball /grphite powder/light burned magnesite/magnesite oxide/magnesium oxide /silica fume /silicon carbide/talc/talc powder/talcum/talcum powder

Our company is a comprehensive entity enterprise which includes mining, beneficiate, machining and international trade. The factory is located in Haicheng which is callen “the home town of talc”, “the Chinese magnesium city” in Liaoning province of China. The fac…

China Mineral Processing Ltd (CMP)      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: /bauxite/Bauxite from CMP Tianjin/Brown Fused Alumina/Brown Fused Alumina (BFA)/Brown Fused Alumina from CMP Tianjin/Calcined Bauxite/Calcined Bauxite from CM Tianjin/Calcined Bauxite from CMP Tianjin/Dead Burned Magnesia/Fireclay/Fused Magnesia/High alumina aggregates/Kaolin/mullite/Refractory castables/Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide (SiC)/Silicon Carbide from CMP Tianjin/Sintered Mullite/Sintered Mullite from CMP Tianjin/Sub-white fused alumina/White Fused Alumina/White Fused Alumina (WFA)/White Fused Alumina from CMP Tianjin /zircon

China Mineral Processing Ltd (CMP) is a European company formed by a group of independent investors to develop the processing of Chinese minerals in China for export into the world market. In 1993, CMP built its first processing plant –C M P Tianjin Co. Ltd(CMP Tianj…

Dalian Huayu Refractories International Co.,Ltd      
Main Products: EAF refractories/ALUMINA-MAGNESIA SPINEL LADLE BRICKS/Al2O3-MgO-C BRICKS /Ladle refractories/stopper head/magnesia carbon bricks/magnesite chrome bricks/magnesite alumina brick/Magnesia bricks /sed magnesite brick/Castables/Waterless taphole mix/blast furnance refractories/converter refractories/magnesite alumina spinel bricks/dead burned magnesia/clay fireplace bricks

Our company is a world-class manufacturer, supplier, and engineering contractor for various refractory products. We have been supplied quality magnesite minerals, various refractory bricks and casting ceramic products for metallurgical, cement, petro-chemical, boil…

Dalian Intop Import and Export company      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Chrome mine/Chromium ore/Dead Burned Magnesia/Fused magnesia/Light burned magnesia/Light burnt magnesite/Talc

Dalian Intop Import and Export Co., Ltd started in the export of magnesium series minerals 25 years ago and has diversified into other fields while majoring in Chinese/Korean origin magnesium. Our business scope now covers mineral, chemical, food, fertilizer productio…

Main Products: Calcined Fused Magnesia (97%, 96%, 90%)/Dead Burned Magnesia (97.7% ~ 90%)/Low-ferro & Low-silicon Magnesia (97%)/Natural Fused Magnesia (98%, 97.5%, 97%, 96%)

We are the agent of D.A.Stuart which is one of the biggest Rolling Oil manufacturers since 1968 in Korea. In addition, we also deal with a magnesia you are interested in. We have factories in Liaoning Province in China which is known for best quality and quantity …

Dashiqiao Bozhong Minerals Co.,Ltd      
Main Products: Crucible / AIR SUPPLY BRICK/ Aluminum Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Ladle/ Casting material for Ladle/ Clinker Brick/ Magnesium carbon whole sleeve brick/ The Slag Weir for the tundish /air-supply brick/Calcium magnesium bricks/coating mass /FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 90/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 97/FOB Price for Fused Magnesia 97/gunning mass/induction funace lining /Low-carbon brick/magnesia/Magnesia Brick/Magnesia Brick (MgO Brick)/Magnesia Brick from Dashiqiao Bozhong /Magnesia Carbon Brick/Magnesia Carbon Brick (MgO-C Brick)/Magnesia Carbon Brick from Dashiqiao Bozhong/Magnesia chrome brick/Magnesia Chrome Brick (MgO-Cr2O3 Brick)/magnesia chrome bricks/MgO refractory products/ramming mass /repairing mass /sleeve brick/Tar MgO-C Brick

Bozhong Mineral products Co.,LTD locates in the Magnesite Capital of the world -----Dashiqiao City. The large magnesite mine supply with the rich magnesite resource for us ,and the ascendant geographic position bring the convenient transportation. …

Dashiqiao Hongan Refractory Co., Ltd      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Brown fused alumina/Bauxite/Dead burned magnesia/Medium-grade magnesia/High purity magnesia/Fused Magnesia (FM)/Silicon Carbide (SiC)/Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide 98% from Dashiqiao Hongan /Silicon Carbide from Dashiqiao Hongan

Dashiqiao Hongan Refractory Co.,Ltd. is one complex company, involving production to distribution of silicon carbide,fused magnesite,fused alumina,Bauxite and Various of monolithic refractory which has 4.1million registered capital,set up in 2006.The company has th…

Dashiqiao Huamei Group Co., Ltd      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Talc /Dead-burned Magnesia-calcium Sand/Caustic-calcined Balls/Magnesia Bricks/Silica Bricks/Fire Clay Brick/Refractory brick/Magnesia-carbon Brick/Magnesia Gunning Material/Magnesia Refractory Mortar/Magnesia Ramming Material  /Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM)/Fused Magnesia(FM)//Caustic Calcined Magnesia/Fused Magnesia/Dead Burned Magnesia/Dead Burned Magnesia from Dashiqiao Huamei/Caustic Calcined Magnesia from Dashiqiao Huamei/Fused Magnesia from Dashiqiao Huamei

Dashiqiao Huamei Group Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Dashiqiao, Liaoning Province. The favorable and perfect geographical location, convenient traffic and transportation provide us an ideal external environments. To its South, it is Dalian port and to its Wes…

Dashiqiao Pengxing Mineral CO., LTD      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: CCM/DBM/Dead Burned Magnesia from Dashiqiao Pengxing/FM/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 90/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 95/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 97/FOB Price for Fused Magnesia 96/FOB Price for Fused Magnesia 97/FOB Price for Fused Magnesia 98/Fused Magnesia (FM)/Fused Magnesia Dashiqiao Pengxing/Fused Magnesia from Dashiqiao Pengxing

If you have any interest with us, please contact with us and you are welcomed to establish business relationship with us.

Dashiqiao Sanyuan Electric Heating Co.,Ltd.      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Castables/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM)/fused magnesia/Fused Magnesia from Sanyuan Electric Heating /Gunning Mix

Dashiqiao Sanyuan Electric Heating Co.,Ltd.(original name:Dashiqiao Metallurgical and Electrothermal Materials Factory) is an professional enterprise specialized in producing electrical grade MgO,is located at Liaodong Peninsula which is surrounded by green mountains…

Dashiqiao Yutong Refractory Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: /alumina brick/brucite/Caustic Calcined Magnesia/Caustic Calcined Magnesia Ball from Dashiqiao Yutong /Caustic Calcined Magnesia Ball from Yutong /Caustic Calcined Magnesia of Dashiqiao Yutong /caustic calcined magnesia-CCM/CCM BALL from Dashiqiao Yutong/D.B.M97/Dead Burned H-Ca Magnesia from Dashiqiao Yutong /Dead Burned Magnesia/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM)/Dead burned magnesia 90 from Dashiqiao Yutong/Dead Burned Magnesia 90%/Dead Burned Magnesia 95%/Dead burned magnesia 97 from Dashiqiao Yutong/Dead Burned Magnesia 97%/Dead Burned Magnesia from Dashiqiao Yutong /dead burned magnesite/dead burnt magnesia-DBM/dolomite/dolomite bricks/fireclay brick/fluorite/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 90/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 90%/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 95/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 95%/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 97/FOB Price for Dead Burned Magnesia 97% /FOB Price for Fused magnesia large crystal 97%/FOB Price for Magnesia Carbon Ball/FOB price of China Mgo-C Ball /FOB price of Dead burned magnesia/Fused Magnesia/Fused Magnesia 96/Fused Magnesia 96 from Dashiqiao Yutong/Fused Magnesia 96% from Dashiqiao Yutong/fused magnesia ---FM/Fused Magnesia from Dashiqiao Yutong/Fused Magnesia from Yutong Refractory/Fused magnesia large crystal 97%/fused magnesite/graphite/H-ca Fused Magnesia from Dashiqiao Yutong /Large crystal magnesia from Dashiqiao Yutong /magnesia brick/Magnesia Carbon Ball from Dashiqiao Yutong/magnesia carbon brick/magnesite-alumina brick/MgO-carbon bricks/NFM97/NFM98/Olive Sand from Dashiqiao Yutong/olivine sand/ramming material/silica brick/talc

Yutong Refractory Co., Ltd. is located in the peninsular region of Liaoning Province which is rich with natural resources and minerals. Our company is strategically located near the major ports of Bayuquan and Dalian, which allows us provide timely delivery of al…

EK-COMPANY GmbH & Co. KG      
Main Products: Andalusite/Bauxite/Boron carbide/Chrome Ore/Chromite Sand/Corundum (Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina) BFA & WFA/Dead burned magnesia/Fused magnesia/Graphite/Melting MagChrom/Melting zircon/Silicon carbide (SiC)/Sintered and fused mullite/Sintered dolomite/Vermiculite

Our company spezializes in trade, distribution, logistics of resources as well as the necessary preparation, marketing and services in the following business fields: energy, minerals, metals and ferro-alloys. Our team has many years of experience In these business …

Fengchi Group      
Main Products: Dry ramming mix /Mortar /Al2O3-SiC-C brick/metal zone brick/Magnesia-chrome Brick/Magnesia brick/magnesia ramming material/converter gunning mix/electric furnace gunning mix /Large Crystal Fused Magnesia/Caustic Calcined Magnesia/Magnesite/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick/Magnesia Carbon Brick (MgO-C Brick)/Fused Magnesia (FM)/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM)/GENERAL MAGNESIA PRODUCTS/Magnesia refractories/Dead burned magnesia/Fused Magnesia/Alumina Mag-Carbon brick/Magnesia-Carbon brick/Mag-Carbon brick from Fengchi Group/Dead burned magnesia from Fengchi Group/Fused Magnesia from Fengchi Group/Burned brick from Fengchi Group /Alumina Mag-Carbon brick from Fengchi Group/Sell Refractories/supply magnesia carbon brick/Sell Burned Magnesite Brick

Fengchi Refractories Co.Of Haicheng City (Fengchi Group)is located in the beautiful Mafeng Industrial Zone of Haicheng City--the backland of the rich and beautiful Liaodong Peninsula. The Corporation compose five subsidiaries,three factories,four mines, one business b…

General Mineral (Asia) Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: Bauxite/Brown Fused Alumina/Brown Fused Alumina from General Mineral/Calcined Bauxite/Calcined Bauxite 78% from General Mineral/Calcined Bauxite 83% from General Mineral/Calcined Bauxite 87% from General Mineral/Calcined Bauxite from General Mineral/Compact Fused Alumina/Dead Burned Magnesia from General Mineral/Dead Burnt Magnesia 97% from General Mineral/Dead Burnt Magnesite/Fused Magnesite/Fused Silica/High Alumina Corundum/Kaolin/Mullite/Sintered (Fused) Spinel/Sodium Silicate/Tabular Alumina from General Mineral/Tabular and Fused Alumina/White fused alumina from General Mineral/Zircon Fused Mullite

GMH a wholly owned Chinese Company which is located in Xingang Port nearby and a well known company in industrial minerals. It's a strong international force in the supply of industrial minerals, an active and reliable player in the manufacture and supply of superior …

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