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Henan Lite Refractory Material Co., Ltd    Hot   
Main Products: Alumina brick/High Alumina Refractory Castable/Bauxite Refractory Aggregate/Ceramic Regenerative Ball for Heating Furnace/High Alumina Ball for Hot Blast Furnace/Medium Alumina Ceramic Ball for Ball Mill/Ceramic Fiber Blanket/Fire Clay Insulating Bricks/High Alumina Insulation Bricks/Mullite Insulation Bricks/Magnesia Carbon Bricks/Silica Bricks/High Alumina Bricks/Magnesia Chrome Bricks/Silimanite Bricks/castables/corundum brick/fire bricks/ high alumina brick for blast furnace/corundum-mullite brick/Refractory Ball/fireclay brick for blast furnace/environmental anhydrous tapehole clay /Lightweight Brick/Fireclay Brick from Lite refractory

Henan Lite Refractory Material Co.,Ltd is a Hi-tech enterprise specialized in refractory production and reaserch. Lite products serve steel & nonferrous casting …

Shandong Yaohua Refractory Material Science & Technology CO.,Ltd.      
Main Products: / High Alumina Brick/ Low Cement Castable/ MC-1 Type Paint/ Abrasion Resistance Monolayer Insulation Lining/ Acid-proof Castable and Concrete/ Gunning Mix For Converter And Dry Ramming Mix For EAF/ High Alumina Mortar/ Light Weight Insulation Brick/ Modified Water Glass Acid-Resistant Mortar/Abrasion Resistance Monolayer Insulation Lining/Abrasion Resistance Refractory Mortar/Abrasion-resistant Refractory Fabricable Castable/Acid Clinker Tile For Coke Oven/Acid Resistant/Proof Brick/Acid-proof Bonding Mortar/Acid-resistant Ceramic Tile/Alumina Brick/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Board/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Blanket/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Module/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Rope/Cement Kiln Preheater System Anti-crust Blockage Refractory Castable /Ceramic Fiber Products/Ceramic Fibre Cloth/Ceramic Fibre Paper/Clay and High Alumina Brick for Carbon Calciner/Roaster/Expanded Perlite Insulation Plate/Fireclay and High Alumina Refractory Plastics/Fireclay Brick/Fireclay Brick for Steel Teeming/Fireclay Mortar/Glaze Refractory Brick For Chimney Lining/Gunning Mix For EAF/Hexmetal Abrasion Resistant Insulation Lining/HF Series High Strength Refractory Castable/High Alumina Insulating Brick/High Alumina Wearable Brick/High Performance Castable/High Strength Abrasion Resistant Castable/High Strength and High Alumina Castable/Insulation acid-proof black concrete block/Insulation Refractory Castable/Light Weight Clay Brick/Light Weight Refractory Castable/Low Porosity Fireclay Brick/MC-2 Type Paint/MC-type Anti-corrosion Paint for Chimney/Mullite Corundum Insulation Brick /Phosphate Bonded Refractory Mortar/Phosphate High Alumina Brick/Refractory Abrasion Resistant Brick/Refractory Abrasion Resistant Castable/Refractory Castable/Refractory Castable for BF Troughs and Runners/Refractory Castable for Sulfur Recovery Furnace, Waste Boiler, Exhaust Incinerator/Refractory Material/Self-flow Castable/Silica Brick/Special Acid-proof Bricks/Special-type Refractory Mortar/ZL Series Self-flowing Castable

 ZIBO Yaohua Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd, is a synthetic company,which integrates scientific research,design,production and sales of furnace and refractory materials.The company,located at Industrial Park,Zouping District,covers 19300 square meters with a present bui…

A.V.D. Belgium Sprl-Bvba      
Main Products: Andalusite bricks/Conventional and special castables/Dry Cements and Mortars/Fireclay bricks/Free Flow castables/Gunning castables and specialties/Gunning Granulars/High alumina bricks/Insulating bricks/Insulating castables/Low and Ultra Low Cement castables/Monolithics & precasts/Ramming Granulars/Ramming products (ramming mass)/Silica bricks/Silicon carbide products/Wet Mortars/Zircon bricks

AVD was established in 1982 by a group of engineers with more than 20 years experience in heavy industry and railway industry. As one of our customers, you therefore stand to benefit from our extensive know-how in the research and retailing of industrial drive compone…

Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH (Gottfried Feldspat GmbH)      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Cordierite/Feldspar/Fireclay/Kaolin

In 1921 Adolf Gottfried began with the mining of high-grade clays at Fonsau in the Egerland region in the Wildsteiner Basin. By the beginning of the First World War the Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke (clay-works) had grown into a enterprise employing more than 300 people wi…

AGC Ceramics Co., Ltd (Asahi Glass Ceramics Co., Ltd.)      
Main Products: Pre-cast block/Zircon mortar/Basic mortar/Silica mortar/Fireclay mortar/CW mortar/Alumina zircon tamping material/Zircon tamping material/High alumina tamping material/High purity alumina mortar/Alumina zircon mortar/Fused AZS sealing material /High alumina hot sealing material/High alumina self-flow castable/Zircon patching material/chrome bricks/mullite brick/silimanite/zircon brick/alumina-zircon brick/fireclay bricks/High-alumina bricks/basic bricks/Monolithic refractories for glass melting furnaces/MgO-Cr Bricks for converter, refining nonferrous metal/Refractories used in cement kilns/Fused cast refractories(Zirconia, AZS, Alumina, Alumina-Mullite)/Al2O3-Cr2O3 low-cement castable & chrome-free castable for waste melting furnaces/Castables for incinerators/(chrome-free brick(special MgO-spinel bricks) for burning-zone, MgO-spinel bricks for the upper and lower transition zone, and Al2O3-silica bricks for the calcining zone)/Monolithic refractories for Aluminum melting furnaces/Monolithics

By providing solutions based on ceramics materials, AGCC aims to contribute to the realization of an environmentally friendly and better society. We also aim to inspire confidence in our customers, and be regarded with pride and satisfaction by our employees. Glass E…

Alnoor Refractories (Pvt) Ltd.      
Main Products: Alumina Based Castables /Alumina Brick and Blocks /Fireclay Bricks and Blocks /Insulation Bricks/Mortars /Pre-Cast Shapes

Alnoor Refractories (Pvt) Ltd.(ARL)is one of the leading manufacturers of alumina refractories in Pakistan. Established in 1987, the company operates two manufacturing units in Northern part of country with an annual peak capacity of 15000 tons of shaped products. In …

Alsey Refractories Company      
Main Products: High Alumina Mortar/Super Duty Mortar/Dry Milled Fireclay /Castable/Super Duty Firebrick/Refractory Mortar--Super Duty/High Duty - High Density/Low Porosity Firebrick/High Duty Firebrick/Medium Duty Firebrick/High Duty Grog/Fire Bricks

Located in Alsey, Illinois, Alsey Refractories Company has spent more than a century pioneering and refining thier processes and practices to offer the finest refractory products in the industry. From the makings of an authentic, custom pizza oven, to furnace…

Altingoz Refrakter Mad. Pls. San. Tic. Ltd.      
Main Products: steel fiber/CALCIUM SILICATE BOARDS/alumina balls/ceramic pipes/Ceramic Fiber paper/Mortar/castables/Chrom Magnesia Bricks/Magnesia Bricks/Fireclay Bricks/Silica Bricks/Ceramic Fiber Blanket/AZS ZAC Bricks/Design & Repair Jobs/Insulation Bricks /Precast Bricks/High Alumina Brick

ALTINGOZ REFRAKTER was founded in 1996 on the principles of technical excellence, high quality workmanship, and good service to their customers. The key to success with refractory materials is to select the right products and applications. Altıngoz Refrakter'…

Ambition Refractories Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: Alumina Bubble/Brown Fused Alumina/CALCINED ALUMINA/CALCINED KAOLIN /Chamotte/Fireclay brick/FOB Dalian Price of High Alumina Cement A700/Fused Mullite/Fused Spinel /Fused Zirconia Alumina /High Alumina Cement/High Alumina Cement A700/High Alumina Corundum/Refractory Bricks/Refractory Castable /White Fused Alumina

Ambition refractories co., ltd. manufacture and produc refractory materials,refractories castables,refractory cement A500,refractory cement A700,High Alumina Cement CA50-G5,High Alumina Cement CA50-G7,CA50-G9,High Alumina Cement A500,High Alumina Cement A700,Alumina C…

Aminabad refractories company      
Main Products: Chamotte/Firebrick/Insulating firebrick /Gunning mass /Ramming mass/Conventional castable /Refractory castables /Fireclay/Refractory parts /Refractory facade brick /Refractory bricks /Monolithic refractories /Refractory motars/Refractory cement /Calcined alumina /Tabular alumina /Bauxite /Fiber ceramic boards/Fiber ceramic blanket /Fiber ceramic modules/Fused alumia/FOB Price for Amorphous graphite FC75

- ARCO is a supplier of high-grade refractory products, which are indispensable for industrial high-temperature processes . - ARCO serves many customers from the steel, cement, nonferrous metals, glass, energy and chemical industries in Iran, Russia, Iraq, Armenia, A…

Andhra Refractories & Monolithics      
Main Products: alumina mortars, ramming mass and patcching mass/basic gunning mass/chemically bonded MgO-Cr brick/fire clay & high alumina bricks/fireclay ramming mass & high alumina plastic materials/high alumina high performance precast shpes/high strength castables/high strength standard castables/monocrete castables/tabular alumina castables

Andhra Refractories & Monolithics is located at Rajhmundry, East Godavari District, A.P. on National Highway-5 about 2 km, from the Rajahmundry City. EXTENSIVE MANUFACTURING RANGE. The Manufacturing Programme of ARM includes Refractory Materials of all grade and sha…

Anssen Metallurgy Group Co.,Ltd.      
Main Products: Calcium Silicon/Fireclay Bricks/High Alumina Bricks

Calcium silicon,silicon calcium,CaSi Both Calcium(Ca) and Silicon(Si) have very strong chemical affinity for Oxygen. Especially calcium,has strong chemical affinity not only for Oxygen, but also for Sulphur and Nitrogen. This is why Calcium Silicon (CaSi) usually …

ArcelorMittal Refractories Sp. z o.o.      
Main Products: andalusite/bauxite/burnt chrome-magnesia/burnt magnesia-chrome/castables/chemically bounded magnesia-chrome/dolomite/Dolomite brick/dolomite-magnesia/fireclay and multifireclay/gunning mix/magnesia/Magnesia brick/magnesia carbon/Magnesia Carbon Bricks/Magnesia chrome bricks/Magnesia dolomite bricks/Magnesia spinel brick/magnesia-spinel/mixes/mortar/mortars/mullite/precast shapes/quartz-fireclay/sintered dolomite

ArcelorMittal Refractories, formerly known as ZMO, PMO S.A., PMO Komex, was established in 1953 as an integrated part of W.I. Lenin Steel Plant (presently known as ArcelorMittal Poland) in Nowa Huta, Krakow. ArcelorMittal Refractories manufactures various kinds of …

Arora Refractories Pvt. Ltd.      
Main Products: Basic and Silica Ramming Masses/Blast Furnace & Stove Bricks/Ceramic Fibre Products/Fireclay & high Alumina Mortars/High Heat Duty Bricks/Insulating Bricks/Low Iron Oxide High Alumina Bricks/Magnesia and Magnesia Carbon Bricks/Mortars & Castables/Slide Gate Refractories

ARORA REFRACTORIES was founded by technocrats in 1977 as a marketing organization. The company since then , has grown multifold with branches at capital cities of India and has exported refractory products to Middle East, Sri Lanka , Nepal , Bangladesh , Saudi Arabia…

Asfour for Mining & Refractories      
Main Products: Cordierite Castable/Light Weight Castables/Alumina Silicate Castables/Cordierite - Mullite Bricks/High Alumina Bricks/Fire Clay Bricks/Alumina Dense Bricks/CALCINED KAOLIN 40 % Al2O3/Calcined Kaoline/Low Cement Castables/CEMENT ROTARY KILNS SHAPES/Acid Resistance Refractory Bricks /INSULATING BRICKS 40 % Al2O3/FIRECLAY & HIGH ALUMINA BRICKS/Air-setting wet mortars/CALCINED KAOLIN 35 - 37 % Al2O3/Heat-Setting Dry Mortars/INSULATION CASTABLES 40 % Al2O3/Lightweight Bricks

We are One of the biggest Producer of Refractories in the Middle East. We Produce all Kinds of Products cover most of the requirements of Industries using Refractories and Calcined Kaolins Production Capacity: Over 90,000 Tons Per year Covering area: Local Market,…

Associated Ceramics Limited      
Main Products: Alumina Chrome bricks/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick/Burned Magnesite Bricks/Corundum Brick/Fireclay bricks/Insulation refractories/Magnesite Spinel Bricks/Monolithic refractories/Mullite bricks/Phosphate Bonded bricks

ACL is an independent manufacturer, supplying refractories to the heat containment industries for over 34 years. Our custom designed reractory products are of uniformly superior caliber and are supplied to industries which test their endurance with ever escalating int…

Ateş REFRAKTER      
Main Products: refractory brick/monolithic brick/ramming mass/gunning mix/Mortar/LADDLE LINING MATERIALS/CUPOLA FURNACE BRICKS/HIGH ALUMINA BRICKS/FIRECLAY/Fire Bricks

Ateş Refractory fire refractory to the name by comparing both greatly benefited the most efficient heat energy without damaging the can is a company established to make using. Our company by doing our clients supply of refractory material; time and place will …

AURAS Group      
Main Products: Basic bricks/Castables/Fireclay bricks/Gunning Mixes/Insulating plates/Low Cement Castables/Plastic Masses/Ramming Masses/Taphole Clay

As trade increased, Auras 2000 Ltd has been founded in 1999 and it took over the distribution of refractories in January 2000. By this time, Auras Ltd represented Lafarge Refractories which acquired the former Fleischmann-Linco-Basalt companies. Our long-term aim is …

Autong Industry Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: /Fireclay Brick/Fireclay Brick from Autong Industry/High Alumina Brick/High Alumina Brick from Autong Industry

Established in 1969 and located in the most important base of refractories in China, Zibo City, Shandong Province, Autong Industry is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of refractories, and is in a position to supply various products, such as: For…

Avon Refractories Pvt. Ltd      
Main Products: Acid Proof Bricks/Acid Proof Cement/Acidic Ramming Mass/Air-Setting Mortars/Alumina Brick/Asbestos Mill Boards/Basic Ramming Mass for Arc & Induction Furnace/Bottom Pouring Set/Calcined Bauxite/Calcined Magnesite/Calcium Silicate Block/Castable/Ceramic Fibre Blanket & Board/Chrome Magnesite Bricks/Dense Castables /Fireclay Brick/Gunning Mass/Heat Setting Mortars/High Alumina Bricks/High Purity Dense Castables /High Strength Mortars upto 95% Alumina/Insulating Castables /Low & High Alumina Refractory Cement/Low & High Temprature Insulating Bricks/Low Cement Castables/Magnesia Chrome Brick (MgO-Cr2O3 Brick)/Mastik/Mineral Wool/Mortar/Ramming Mass/Resin Bonded Mattress/Silimanite Bricks/Stainless Steel - Stud, Washer, Anchor/Ultra Low Cement Castables /Zirmul Bricks

Avon Group has now been for over three decades a name known for high quality refractories in India. In order to provide quality products, Avon Refractories deliver to their market, materials of the highest quality consistent with a resources of the research and devel…

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