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Main Products: Refined Paraffin Wax/grinding balls/Calcined dolomite/Silica Fume/Fused Silica/Phenolic resin/Silicon Metal/Calcium Aluminate Cement/Aluminate Cement (Alumina Cement)/EOT Cranes/Bulk Raw Material Handling Equipment/Port Machinery (Crane, Stacker, Reclaimer)/Coke Oven Machinery/Ladle Cranes/Silicon Carbide/Fluorspar/Boron Carbide/Ceramic fiber product/Zircon Sand/alumina spray dried powder/fused alumina powder/Calcined alumina powder/Reactive alumina powder/Calcined Kaolin/Sintered Mullite/Sintered Magnesite/Magnesium carbonate/Magnesium chloride/Magnesium sulphate/Large Crystal Fused Magnesia/Fused Magnesia/Dead Burnt Magnesia/Caustic Calcined Magnesia/Bubble Alumina/Zirconia Mullite/Fused Hercynite (fused Al-Fe) Spinel/Sintered Magnesia-Alumina Spinel/Fused Magnesia-Alumina Spinel/Densed Fused Alumina/Sintered Alumina (Tabular Alumina)/White Fused Alumina/Brown Fused Alumina/Fused AZS brick

What began as a small business in 1990, with a modest capital, lot of zeal and diverse portfolio of products and services, is now an Enterprise with Solid Reputation for Best Products, Most Competitive and Honest Prices, Excellent Pre and Post Sales Services. …

Dashiqiao Haixiang Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: alumina bricks/RAMMING MASS/ALUMINA BUBBLE/CALCINED ALUMINA/ACTIVE ALFA-ALUMINA MICROR POWDER/ALUMINA-FE SPINEL/MAGNESIA-ALUMINA SPINEL/Aluminate Cement (Alumina Cement)/kaolin/Flint Clay/mullite/CHROME CORUNDUM/FUSED DENSE CORUNDUM/White Fused Alumina/Brown Fused Alumina/BULK MATERIAL/magnesia chrome brick/magnesia carbon brick/magnesite bricks/OLIVINE SAND/HIGHER FE-CAO SAND/FUSED MGO-CHROME SPINEL/large crystalline fused magnesia/Fused Magnesia/Dead Burnt Magnesia/Caustic Calcined Magnesia/Cement/SIC/Tabular Alumina/BFA/Flake Graphite/Brick/WFM/Chemical/WFA/Calcined Bauxite/DBM/Spinel/FM/CCM

Haixiang Trading Co., Ltd located in China “Magnesite Capital” Liaoning Province, specializes in exporting alumina-based/magnesite-based shaped/unshaped refractory/abrasive grade products with full resources such as fused magnesite, dead burned magnesit…

Georg H. Luh GmbH      
Main Products: Kaolin/Mica/Light-weight fillers/Micaceous iron oxide/China clay/synthetic mullites/vermiculite/talc/expandable graphite/flake graphite

Georg H. Luh is a company of outstanding tradition. Founded more than seven decades ago by Georg Heinrich Luh, our company is still being run as a family business in the fourth generation. This tradition is our challenge: We have always set ourselves the highest stand…

Normag GmbH      
Main Products: Alumina Cement/spinel/Flint Clay/graphite/Kaolin/Brown Fused Alumina/Bauxite/Magnesite/Monolithic refractories/Mullite/MgO-C brick

Normag GmbH was founded 2002 through a merger of CITIC Europe Resources GmbH located in Bad Homburg and Hong Kong Great Wall Trading Development Ltd. located in Hong Kong. The aim of the new company was to extend the trade of magnesia and other industrial minerals and…

Possehl Erzkontor GmbH & Co. KG      
Main Products: silicon carbide/Polypropylene Fibres (PP-Fibres)/steel fiber/Caustic Calcined Magnesia /Dolomite/Chrome Oxide green/Brucite/Barium Sulphate/Chamotte/Vermiculite/Microsilica/Fused Spinel /Cenospheres/Sodium Tripolyphosphate/High Alumina Cement/Boron Carbide/Olivine /White Fused Alumina/Fluorspar/Dunite/Mullite/Fused Magnesia/Phenolic Resin /Fused Chrome Alumina /Magnetite Ore/Zircon Sand/Light Weight Chamotte/Tabular Alumina/Graphite /Quartz /Chrome Ore Concentrate/Silicon Nitride/Deadburnt Magnesia/Sodium Hexametaphosphate/Brown Fused Alumina/Kaolin, calcined /Bauxite, calcined/Kyanite/Alumina/Flint Clay/Bauxite

The headquarters of the Erzkontor Group is the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, in northern Germany. Our International Trading division currently consists of nine companies with sites in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Some 180 employees work for the Group…

Refmin China Co. Ltd      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Amorphous Graphite/Bauxite/Calcined Alumina/Calcined Bauxite/Calcined Kaolin/Calcium Aluminate Cement/Chamotte/Chrome Oxide Green/DBM/Flake Graphite/FM/Fusde Zirconia/Fused alumina/Fused Magchrome/Fused Magnesia from Refmin China/Fused Silica/Light Weight Aggregates/Mullite/Perlite/Pheno Resin/Refractory Cement/Silicon Carbide/Silicon Metal Powder/Spinel/Vermiculite

The REFMIN GROUP is an active supplier and manufacturer of vital raw materials to a diverse group of industries across the globe. The development of our partnering philosophy with our customers and service providers has seen REFMIN’s business interests spread to a ra…

A.E. Fleming Company      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: UV Light Stabilizers and Adsorbers/Wetting Additives/Chromium Oxide Green/Natural and Synthetic Iron Oxides/Mason Color Complex Inorganic Color Pigments/AArbor Colorant Organic Pigments/Titanium Dioxide /Precipitated Silica/Western Bentonite/Wollastonite/Nepheline Syenite/Attapulgite Clay/Talc (Magnesium Silicate)/Kaolin Clays/Tabular Alumina/Alumina Trihydrate (ATH)/Feldspar/Antimony Oxide/Dry-Ground Mica/Barium Sulfate (Barytes)/Calcium Carbonates - dry and wet ground/Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum, Terra Alba)/Epoxy Resins/High-Solids and Water-Reducible Alkyds/Specialty and modified Alkyds/density foam board/Dental Plaster/Buff Stone/Model Plasters/Low Expansion Prototype Plasters/Medium Expansion Plasters/Pottery Plasters/Metal Casting Plasters/Fiber/Water-base Adhesives/Silica/Mica/Talc/Calcined Kaolin

Since 1952, the A.E. Fleming Company has been an established distributor in the raw materials and container field. The goal of A.E. Fleming and its employees is to reach the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Our company strives to meet customer needs, r…

ACC Resources Co., L.P.      
Main Products: Aluminium Powder/Amorphous Graphite/Andalusite/Baryte/Brown Fused Alumina/Brucite/Calcined Alumina/Calcined Bauxite/Calcined Flint Clay/Calcined Kaolin/Caustic Calcined Magnesite/Ceramic Fiber/Chamotte/Chlorite/Chrome Ore/Chrome Oxide Green/Dead Burned Magnesite/Feldspar/Ferro Chrome/Ferro Silicon/Fused Magnesite/Fused Magnesite Chrome/Fused Silica/Fused Zirconia/Garnet/Graphite Boards/Graphite Electrode/High Alumina Cement/Mica/Mullite/Natural Flake Graphite/Olivine/Perlite/Phenolic Resin/Silica Fume/Silica Sand/Silicon Carbide/Silicon Metal/Sodium Silicate/Spinel - Fused & Sintered/Tabular Alumina/Talc/Vermiculite/White Fused Alumina/Wollastonite/Zircon Sand

ACC Resources Co., L.P. draws its lineage from Alumina Cement Corporation which was established in New York City in 1957 by Metalworks Lübeck (Germany) and eventually sold to U.S. Steel in 1975. The primary business of Alumina Cement Corporation was the selling and m…

Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH (Gottfried Feldspat GmbH)      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Cordierite/Feldspar/Fireclay/Kaolin

In 1921 Adolf Gottfried began with the mining of high-grade clays at Fonsau in the Egerland region in the Wildsteiner Basin. By the beginning of the First World War the Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke (clay-works) had grown into a enterprise employing more than 300 people wi…

Alexandria Company for Refractories      
Main Products: air-setting wet mortars/Alumino silicate refractories/calcined kaolin/castables refractories/chemical bounded refractories/furnace/High Alumina Refractories/Insulating Refractories

"CORPORATE MISSION " Become the leading refractories company in the Mediteranean Area provide International Leadership in cost effective refractories solution. "QUALITY POLICY" It is the policy of the ALEXANDRIA Company for refractories to continually meet or excee…

Alexandria Modern Trade Company (AMTC)      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Alumina Silicate refractories/High Alumina bricks /Refractory cement /Refractory motar/Refractory blocks / Fire Bricks/Dense castables /Refractory bricks /Calcined kaolin

“AMTC” , a company specializing in mining products and manufacturing refractories. Aiming to establish a global presence as a premier supplier of minerals extracted from different countries, we pride ourselves on the resources to which we have access and …

Alka Minerals and Chemicals      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Aluminum Silicate/Barytes Powder (Off Colour, S.S White-Calcium free, Sp.Grv.4.2)/Calcite Powder- (90%-98% Purity, S.S. White)/China Clay Powder /Feldspar/Kaolin Powder (Levigated)/Magnesite Powder (Mg0) (Up To 90% Purity)/Mica Powder (Natural-Up To 400 Mesh)/Mica Powder (Wet Ground-Pearl Lustre)/PPT. Silica/Silica / Quartz Powder (SSW - 99% pure)/Talcum Powder (Upto 98% Brightness)/Whiting Powder

Based in Delhi (Capital of India), Alka Minerals & Chemicals is a pioneer in the field of mineral processing and supply. It was established in 1975 under the able leadership of Mr. B.S. BRARA. Primary objective of the company is to serve the quality conscience manufac…

Alroko GmbH & Co KG(Alroko Inc.)      
Main Products: Aluminium Titanate/Barytes/Bentonite/Chrome Ore/Chromium Oxide (green)/Expandable Graphite/Kaolin/Magnesia/Magnesite/Mullite/Vermiculite/Zirconia/Zirconium Silicate

Alroko GmbH & Co KG is the exclusive sales representative for many important producers of industrial raw materials and machine manufacturers around the world and a reliable partner for all our customers. Our sales philosophy is to supply technically advanced products …

Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH & Co. KG      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: feldspar/Kaolin/mica/Quartz/wollastonite

We are an important European producer of mineral raw materials. As an independent, family-run business, we have 125 years of experience with efficient processing technology and high-quality deposits of raw materials. Our company is primarily active in the extraction,…

Ambition Refractories Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: Alumina Bubble/Brown Fused Alumina/CALCINED ALUMINA/CALCINED KAOLIN /Chamotte/Fireclay brick/FOB Dalian Price of High Alumina Cement A700/Fused Mullite/Fused Spinel /Fused Zirconia Alumina /High Alumina Cement/High Alumina Cement A700/High Alumina Corundum/Refractory Bricks/Refractory Castable /White Fused Alumina

Ambition refractories co., ltd. manufacture and produc refractory materials,refractories castables,refractory cement A500,refractory cement A700,High Alumina Cement CA50-G5,High Alumina Cement CA50-G7,CA50-G9,High Alumina Cement A500,High Alumina Cement A700,Alumina C…

American Industrial Minerals Distributors      
Main Products: Andalusite/Ball Clays for refractory/Bauxite/Chromite/Corundum/Feldspar/Fire Clay/Graphite/Kaolinite/Kyanite/Magnesite/Quartz/Sillimanite/Zircon

We act as marketing agents and Stocking Distributors for many mining and mineral producers in the United States and Internationally. We offer a wide range of industrial Minerals and Chemicals for all industries and applications as well as warehouse and distribute mine…

Anglo Pacific Minerals      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Cenospheres/Ceramic Proppants/Chrome Ore/Garnet/Graphite/Kaolin/Mica/Nepheline Syenite/Talc/Wollastonite

APM is headquartered in the UK and has offices in Hong Kong and Houston, Texas. The company was formed in 2004 by Mr. John Allen, who has over 40 years of experience in the industrial minerals business. APM came about as a response to the growing demand for an enterpr…

Arshia Orang Co.      
Main Products: Kaolin/Silicon Carbide /Molochite/Fused Alumina/Fillers and Additives/Microsilica /Flake Graphite /White Fused Magnesite/Fused Magnesite /Dead Burnt Magnesite/bauxite/Magnesia Rich Fused Spinel /Magnesia Rich Sintered Spinel/Alumina Rich Fused Spinel /Alumina Rich Sintered Spinel /White Fused Alumina /Brown Fused Alumina/Reactive Alumina/Calcined Alumina/Tabular Alumina/dense castables/refractory concretes/ self-flow castables /gunning mass/conventional castables /refractory castables /Alumina-Magnesia Spinel/cement/Andalusite/alumina/graphite

1998: Arshia Orang company backed by leading European companies with a focus on raw materials, refractory and abrasives industries 2001: Company established manufacturing unit, located in Safa Dasht, Karaj, concrete and mortar additives for industrial production 200…

Asfour for Mining & Refractories      
Main Products: Cordierite Castable/Light Weight Castables/Alumina Silicate Castables/Cordierite - Mullite Bricks/High Alumina Bricks/Fire Clay Bricks/Alumina Dense Bricks/CALCINED KAOLIN 40 % Al2O3/Calcined Kaoline/Low Cement Castables/CEMENT ROTARY KILNS SHAPES/Acid Resistance Refractory Bricks /INSULATING BRICKS 40 % Al2O3/FIRECLAY & HIGH ALUMINA BRICKS/Air-setting wet mortars/CALCINED KAOLIN 35 - 37 % Al2O3/Heat-Setting Dry Mortars/INSULATION CASTABLES 40 % Al2O3/Lightweight Bricks

We are One of the biggest Producer of Refractories in the Middle East. We Produce all Kinds of Products cover most of the requirements of Industries using Refractories and Calcined Kaolins Production Capacity: Over 90,000 Tons Per year Covering area: Local Market,…

Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Alumina Cement/Brown Fused Alumina (BFA)/Calcined Bauxite/Cement Grade Bauxite/Chamotte/Chamotte Kaolin/Dead Burnt Magnesia/Feldspar/kaolin/Metallurgical Grade Bauxite/Mullite/Quartz/Refractory Grade Calcined Bauxite/White Fused Alumina (WFA)/Zirconia Mullite

Established in 1960, Ashapura Group is India's largest muti-mineral solutions provider. The flagship company Ashapura Minechem Ltd. is listed on India's premier exchanges. Ashapura Minechem Ltd. is a part of the BSE Midcap & BSE 500 indices. The group has mining & min…

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