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Ashapura Minechem Ltd.    Hot   
Main Products: Refractory Mortars/Castables/brown fused alumina/White Fused Alumina/Chamotte/Alumina Cement/Calcined Bauxite

YEAR EVENTS 1982 - The Company was fored as a private limited company on 19th February. The Company became deemed public limited company on 30th June. 1991 and with effect from 29/09/1992 it was converted into public limited company. - The company is one of the pio…

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions (RMS)    Hot   
Main Products: Precast shapes/alumina chrome mortars/ramming materials and mouldables/High alumina ramming materials/High alumina mortars/Alumino silicate gunning materials/Alumino silicate castables/Alumino silicate mortars/Alumino silicate ramming masses/Alumina silicate mortars/Baisc Gunning materials/Basic Ramming masses/Basic Castables/Basic mortars/Alumina silicate Brick/Basic brick/high alumina bricks

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions, previously named Verref Shaped, is an independent refractory manufacturer specializing in: - Basic and alumino silicate and high alumina bricks; - Basic mortars, castables, ramming masses and gunning materials; - Alumino s…

Refracon Refractory Manufacturer Sdn Bhd    Hot   
Main Products: calcium silicate pipe/Ceramic Fibre products/Firebricks & Mortar/Fused Cast Refractories/Insulating Firebricks/Molithic Refractories/Pre-cast Shape & Blocks

Refracon Refractories Manufacturer Sdn Bhd (RRM) started its Monolithic Refractory Manufacturing business in 2017.   Since then RRM has been growing from strength to strength. Its current installed capacity is 800 metric tons per month and annual c…

GIR-INTERNATIONAL, LLC (GIR Refractories)      
Main Products: quartz ceramics/mortars/corundum-graphite products/mullite brick/acid resistant materials/Kaolin/chamotte lumps/castables/magnesia carbon brick/high alumina brick/fireclay brick/magnesia brick/silica brick

Today GIR (GENERAL INVESTMENT RESOURCES) is one of the leaders of the refractory industry of Ukraine. We produce the entire range of the refractory products for metallurgical industry, as well as wide range of the refractory materials for all the industry sec…

Luyang Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: LuYbloc® Moduleractory Products/REFRACTORY MORTAR/INSULATING FIREBRICK/MICROPOROUS BOARD/Alumina Fiber Module(TEMPMAXTM MODULE)/Alumina Fiber Board(TEMPMAXTM BOARD)/Alumina Fiber Blanket(TEMPMAXTM BLANKET)/Biowool Module(BIOWOOL® MODULE)/Alumina Fiber Bulk(TEMPMAXTM BULK)/Biowool Textile(BIOWOOL® TEXTILE)/Biowool Paper(BIOWOOL® PAPER)/Biowool Board(BIOWOOL® BOARD)/Biowool Blanket(BIOWOOL® BLANKET)/Biowool Bulk(BIOWOOL® BULK)/Ceramic Fiber Module(LUYANGWOOL® MODULE)/Ceramic Fiber Board(LUYANGWOOL® BL BOARD)/Ceramic Fiber Bulk(LUYANGWOOL® BULK)/Ceramic Fiber Products/Ceramic Fiber Board/Ceramic Fiber Felt/Ceramic Fiber Cotton/Ceramic Fiber Paper(LUYANGWOOL® PAPER)/Ceramic Fiber Blanket(LUYANGWOOL® BLANKET)/Ceramic Fiber Textile(LUYANGWOOL® TEXTILE)/Light-weighted Insulating Brick/ceramic fiber/Ceramic Fibers and Insulating Firebrick/Ceramic Fiber Board(LUYANGWOOL® BL BOARD

Luyang Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2006(Stock Code:002088).Going through more than 30 years development,Luyang has become a world famous enterprise for new energy-saving materials researching…

Category:Raw Material
Main Products: aggregates/caustic magnesia/dead burned magnesia/magnesia based dry fettling oiled mixes/magnesia based dry mixes/magnesia based gunning mixes/magnesia based mortar/magnesia based tundish coating mixes/magnesium carbonate/olivine based high refractory mix/Synthetic magnesia

GRECIAN MAGNESITE is a privately owned company established in 1959 as a mining and industrial concern. However the magnesite mining expertise of the owners (Portolos family) goes back to 1914, when J.G. Lambrinides the “eminence grise” of Greek magnesite and a pione…

HarbisonWalker International, Inc. - HWI      
Main Products: Andulsite BrickS/ alumina magnesia bricks/magnesia troweling mix/magnesia carbon brickS/dry ramming mix/magnesia gunning mix/Magnesia brick/castables/Ceramic Fiber/Monolithics/Alumina Brick/Sodium Silicate/Basic Brick/Lightweight Castables/Fireclay Brick/MgO-Cr Bricks for cement industry/Wool Fiberglass/calcining kilns/Superduty fireclay bricks/Zircon-containing Castables/MgO-spinel bricks/Silica Castable/Pre-Cast Shapes/Mortars/rotary kilns/High alumina bricks/Incinerator/Silica Bricks

ANH Refractories Family of Companies is a world-class manufacturer and seller of refractory products. High-performance products and a customer-centered approach featuring sound advice and broad services form the basis of our company’s good reputation. Established f…

Main Products: Isotropic Graphite Blocks/Pitch Coke/Needle Coke/Coal chemicals/calcium carbonate /anode material/Refractory installation/repairs/Magnesia Clinker/Spercial Castables/Insulating Castables (Gunning Mass)/Insulating Castables (Casting Mass)/Mortar & Miscellaneous/Tundish Coating Materials/Stamp Mass/Spray Materials/Special Insulating Fire Bricks/Special Fire Clay Bricks/Spinel Bricks & Others/High Alumina Bricks/Designing and manufacturing various industrial furnaces/Chrome-Magnesia Bricks/Fire Clay Bricks/Inculating Fire Bricks/Clinkers (5 items excluding SSMD)/Kaolin/Special Alumina Bricks/Acid, neutral and special Refractories/Magnesia Bricks/MgO-C Bricks

Posco ChemTech is a core company affiliated with Posco group, specializing in coal chemistry and carbon materials. Posco ChemTech started from a company specialized in refractory and shaft tunnel and successfully been executing burned lime manufac…

The Siam refractory industries company.      
Main Products: Spraying Materials/Patching Materials/Mortar Refractories/Basic Bricks/Plastic Redfractories/FireClay Bricks/Insulating Bricks/Ramming Materials/High Alumina Bricks/Gunning Materials/Castable Refractories

The Siam Refractory Industry Co., Ltd. is a company in the Cement-Building Materials Business Unit of SCG, Thailand's industrial conglomerate with three strategic units; SCG Cement-Building Materials, SCG Chemicals, and SCG Packaging. Siam Refractory was founded in 1…

Zhong Tang (Dalian) Materials Co.,LTD      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Al slide gate plate for Ladle Furnace/Al2O3-MgO-C bricks for ladle Furnace/Argon Lance for ladle Furnace/Bauxite/Black SiC(BS)/Block for nozzle, slag weir and pre-casting side wall/Brown Fused Alumina (BFA)/Calcined Bauxite/Castable for mouth of torpedo and iron mixer furnace/Corundum castables/Corundum castables for Ladle Furnace/Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM)/Dry mix/Dry ramming mix for EAF bottom/EAF roof, LF roof/Fiber felt/Fused magnesia (FM)/Fused Magnesia-Almina Spinel/Graphite Flake(GF)/Green SiC(GS)/High Aluminum bricks/High aluminum/mullite castables for ladle Furnace/High quality argon bubbling well blocks/Insert core of metering nozzle/Large Crystal Fused Magnesia/Large surface repairing mix for BOF/Medium quality argon bubbling well blocks/MgO bricks/MgO morter/MgO slide gate plate for Ladle Furnace/MgO-C bricks/MgO-C bricks for BOF/MgO-C bricks for ladle Furnace/MgO-CaO bricks for ladle Furnace/MgO-Chrome bricks/Mortar/Mortar for ladle Furnace/Ramming mix for Ladle Furnace/Ramming mix for well block/Rebonded MgO-Chrome bricks/Seim-rebonded MgO-Chrome bricks/Self-flowing castables/Semi Nozzle/Silicon carbide/Silicon Metal/Sintered Magnesia-Alumina Spinel(SMAS)/Sintered Mullite(SM)/Spray mix/Spray mix for BOF/Tabular Alumina(TA)/Tapping hole for BOF/Tapping hole sand/Tapping sand for Ladle Furnace/Tundish flux /UHP graphite electrode/Well block of metering nozzle/White Fused Alumina/Working layer bricks for torpedo,and charge ladle

ZT Refractory limited is registered in Hong Kong ,China in 17th of May 2018 . Our business focuses on refractory raw materials and finished products for steel&iron mills. As a sub branch of Zhong Tang(Dalian)Materials Co.,ltd,which started the …

Shandong Yaohua Refractory Material Science & Technology CO.,Ltd.      
Main Products: / High Alumina Brick/ Low Cement Castable/ MC-1 Type Paint/ Abrasion Resistance Monolayer Insulation Lining/ Acid-proof Castable and Concrete/ Gunning Mix For Converter And Dry Ramming Mix For EAF/ High Alumina Mortar/ Light Weight Insulation Brick/ Modified Water Glass Acid-Resistant Mortar/Abrasion Resistance Monolayer Insulation Lining/Abrasion Resistance Refractory Mortar/Abrasion-resistant Refractory Fabricable Castable/Acid Clinker Tile For Coke Oven/Acid Resistant/Proof Brick/Acid-proof Bonding Mortar/Acid-resistant Ceramic Tile/Alumina Brick/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Board/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Blanket/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Module/Alumina-silicate Ceramic Fibre Rope/Cement Kiln Preheater System Anti-crust Blockage Refractory Castable /Ceramic Fiber Products/Ceramic Fibre Cloth/Ceramic Fibre Paper/Clay and High Alumina Brick for Carbon Calciner/Roaster/Expanded Perlite Insulation Plate/Fireclay and High Alumina Refractory Plastics/Fireclay Brick/Fireclay Brick for Steel Teeming/Fireclay Mortar/Glaze Refractory Brick For Chimney Lining/Gunning Mix For EAF/Hexmetal Abrasion Resistant Insulation Lining/HF Series High Strength Refractory Castable/High Alumina Insulating Brick/High Alumina Wearable Brick/High Performance Castable/High Strength Abrasion Resistant Castable/High Strength and High Alumina Castable/Insulation acid-proof black concrete block/Insulation Refractory Castable/Light Weight Clay Brick/Light Weight Refractory Castable/Low Porosity Fireclay Brick/MC-2 Type Paint/MC-type Anti-corrosion Paint for Chimney/Mullite Corundum Insulation Brick /Phosphate Bonded Refractory Mortar/Phosphate High Alumina Brick/Refractory Abrasion Resistant Brick/Refractory Abrasion Resistant Castable/Refractory Castable/Refractory Castable for BF Troughs and Runners/Refractory Castable for Sulfur Recovery Furnace, Waste Boiler, Exhaust Incinerator/Refractory Material/Self-flow Castable/Silica Brick/Special Acid-proof Bricks/Special-type Refractory Mortar/ZL Series Self-flowing Castable

 ZIBO Yaohua Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd, is a synthetic company,which integrates scientific research,design,production and sales of furnace and refractory materials.The company,located at Industrial Park,Zouping District,covers 19300 square meters with a present bui…

"TABEX-OZMO" Sp. z o.o.      
Main Products: monolithics: mortar, grog, concrete/prefabricated unit/shaped products/straights, arch bricks

History of "TABEX-OZMO" Sp. z o. o. is connected with development of steel industry in Staropolski Okreg Przemyslowy. Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski become a very important centre after The Ostrowieckie Zaklady had been established in 1895.The main goal of a new company was …

A.V.D. Belgium Sprl-Bvba      
Main Products: Andalusite bricks/Conventional and special castables/Dry Cements and Mortars/Fireclay bricks/Free Flow castables/Gunning castables and specialties/Gunning Granulars/High alumina bricks/Insulating bricks/Insulating castables/Low and Ultra Low Cement castables/Monolithics & precasts/Ramming Granulars/Ramming products (ramming mass)/Silica bricks/Silicon carbide products/Wet Mortars/Zircon bricks

AVD was established in 1982 by a group of engineers with more than 20 years experience in heavy industry and railway industry. As one of our customers, you therefore stand to benefit from our extensive know-how in the research and retailing of industrial drive compone…

Aaditya Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.      
Main Products: Castable Refractories/Fire Cement (Heat Resistant Cement)/Fire Clay/General Grade Refractory/High Alumina Bricks/High Alumina Fire Bricks/Monolithic refractories/Refractory Material/Refractory mortar/Sillimanite bricks/Special Shape Brick

Aaditya Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. came to an existence due to its parent company 'Sai Ceramic Engineers Pvt. Ltd.' which is basically into marketing & constructing field since last 35 years, serving Indian Industries. Our parent company takes turnkey base jobs for construct…

Aardvark Clay and Supplies Inc.      
Main Products: Amaco Electric Kilns/Burners/Ceramic Services Raku Kilns/Cordierite kiln furniture/Cordierite shelves and posts/Cress Kilns/Fiber blanket/Geil Kilns/Hard and soft brick/Kiln patch/Kiln wash/Mortars/Orton cones/Other equipment and supplies/Setter/Silicon Carbide kiln furniture/Silicon carbide shelves/Skutt Glass Kilns/Skutt Kilns/Stilts/Zen Raku Kiln

Aardvark Clay and Supplies was founded in 1972 in Santa Ana, California, with the purpose of manufacturing quality clays and basic materials for the studio potter in the most customer oriented manner possible. As our reputation with the potters grew, so did our trade …

Able Supply Company      
Main Products: Mortars & Coatings/Ceramic Fiber Modules/FireBrick/Ceramic Anchors/Mortars/Dense Castables/Ramming mixes/Gunning Mixes/Ceramic Fiber Blanket/Insulating Castables

Able Supply stocks a complete line of refractory materials including ceramic fiber blanket. Able Supply manufactures a complete line of refractory products including dense castables and light weight castable refractories, gunning and ramming refractory mixes, plastic …

Main Products: Plastics refractories, castables and mortars/Shaped dense refractories of low, medium and high alumina/Shaped insulating refractories of ceramics and chemical bond

Abrigada operates in close co-operation with the company AMR (ABRIGADA, Montagens e Revestimentos, S.A.), supplying a complete service of production and assembly of refractory linings. AMR is an independent company since 1996 and it evolved from the Assembly Departm…

Ace Refractories Ltd.      
Main Products: Castables/Gunnin Mix/Mortar/Ramming Mass/Refractory Bricks

ACE REFRACTORIES, formerly ACC Refractories – A Division of the Associated Cement Companies Limited (ACC), came into existence in October 2005, when ACC divested the refractory business as an ongoing business without disturbing manpower, assets, intellectual property…

AGC Ceramics Co., Ltd (Asahi Glass Ceramics Co., Ltd.)      
Main Products: Pre-cast block/Zircon mortar/Basic mortar/Silica mortar/Fireclay mortar/CW mortar/Alumina zircon tamping material/Zircon tamping material/High alumina tamping material/High purity alumina mortar/Alumina zircon mortar/Fused AZS sealing material /High alumina hot sealing material/High alumina self-flow castable/Zircon patching material/chrome bricks/mullite brick/silimanite/zircon brick/alumina-zircon brick/fireclay bricks/High-alumina bricks/basic bricks/Monolithic refractories for glass melting furnaces/MgO-Cr Bricks for converter, refining nonferrous metal/Refractories used in cement kilns/Fused cast refractories(Zirconia, AZS, Alumina, Alumina-Mullite)/Al2O3-Cr2O3 low-cement castable & chrome-free castable for waste melting furnaces/Castables for incinerators/(chrome-free brick(special MgO-spinel bricks) for burning-zone, MgO-spinel bricks for the upper and lower transition zone, and Al2O3-silica bricks for the calcining zone)/Monolithic refractories for Aluminum melting furnaces/Monolithics

By providing solutions based on ceramics materials, AGCC aims to contribute to the realization of an environmentally friendly and better society. We also aim to inspire confidence in our customers, and be regarded with pride and satisfaction by our employees. Glass E…

AGC Plibrico Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: High Abrasion Resistance Plastic Refractory/Patching Refractories/Rumming Refractories/Insulating Products/TACKO anchor/pre-cast blocks/Refractory Mortar/Gunning insulation materials/Castable refractories/Plastic Refractories

AGC Plibrico was established in 1954 as the pioneer of specialized monolithic refractory manufacturer  in Japan. Since then, AGC Plibrico has grown to be an EPC solution provider designing refractory…

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