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Refracon Refractory Manufacturer Sdn Bhd    Hot   
Main Products: calcium silicate pipe/Ceramic Fibre products/Firebricks & Mortar/Fused Cast Refractories/Insulating Firebricks/Molithic Refractories/Pre-cast Shape & Blocks

Refracon Refractories Manufacturer Sdn Bhd (RRM) started its Monolithic Refractory Manufacturing business in 2017.   Since then RRM has been growing from strength to strength. Its current installed capacity is 800 metric tons per month and annual c…

Liaoning Qunyi Group Refractories Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: Large Crystal Fused Magnesia/Fused magnesia/Magnesia brick/Magnesia Carbon Brick (MgO-C Brick)/Fused Magnesia (FM)/Synthetic Mica/Magnesia Olivine Bricks/Re-bonded Magnesia-chrome Bricks/Semi-directed Bonded Magnesia-chrome Bricks/Pleonaste Bricks/Magnesia-spinel Bricks/Magnesia Bricks/Direct-bonded Magnesia-Chrome Bricks/Silicon Carbide/Dry Ramming Material For Bottom Of EAF/Stuffing Material For Taphole/Magnesia Carbon Brick/Gunning Material For Tundish/Natural Scale Graphite Electrode

Liaoning Qunyi Group Refractories Co., Ltd.

MINCHEM IMPEX India Private Limited      
Main Products: Electrolytic Manganese Metal/Dolomite Refractories for AOD and VOD/Chromite Ore/Refractories for Steel Ladle and Converters/Silicon Metal Powder/Natural Graphite Flakes/Silicon Carbide/Boron Carbide/White Fused Alumina/Brown Fused Alumina/Calcined Bauxite/Caustic Calcined Magnesite/Fused Magnesite/Dead Burnt Magnesite/Fluorspar/Graphite Electrodes

Minchem Impex is a reliable name engaged in importing and exporting of a wide range of Raw-Materials, Minerals, Ore, Chemicals, and Consumables for Steel, Refractories, Metallurgical and Chemical Industries catering to the needs of various esteemed customers worldw…

GIR-INTERNATIONAL, LLC (GIR Refractories)      
Main Products: quartz ceramics/mortars/corundum-graphite products/mullite brick/acid resistant materials/Kaolin/chamotte lumps/castables/magnesia carbon brick/high alumina brick/fireclay brick/magnesia brick/silica brick

Today GIR (GENERAL INVESTMENT RESOURCES) is one of the leaders of the refractory industry of Ukraine. We produce the entire range of the refractory products for metallurgical industry, as well as wide range of the refractory materials for all the industry sec…

Xinli Refractories S&T Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: Iron Mixing Notch Brick/Ladle Brick/Pocket Block/Lower Nozzle Brick/Upper Nozzle Brick/Magnesia Carbon Sleeve Brick for Tap Hole/Tap Hole Brick Cup/Magnesia Carbon Brick for Converter/Slide Gate Brick/ Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick for Ladle/Fuluokang Slide Gate Brick/Square Brick/Tubing Brick/Steel-clad Brick/High Clay Brick/Clay Brick/Magnesia Carbon Brick for Electric Furnace/Electric Furnace Lid/EBT End Brick/Square Current Stabilizer/Chromium Fire Clay/ Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick for Ladle/Converter Carburant/Magnesia Chromium Ramming Mass/Magnesia Fire Clay/High-alumina Quick Repair Mix/Castables for Iron Ladle Bottom/Amg Cement Gum/Steel Ladle Repair Mix/Steel Ladle Edge Castables/Magnesia Cement Gum/Chromium Drainage Agent/Tap Hole Gunning Mix/Electric Furnace Gunning Mix/Siliceous Nozzle Sealant/Carbon-free Ramming Mass/Fused Magnesia/Tundish Dry Type Material/Tundish Coating/Magnesia Chromium Brick/Magnesia/Magnesia Brick/Refractories for Metal Mixer/Refractories for Iron Ladle/Refractories for Torpedo Ladle0/Refractories for Torpedo Ladle1/Tundish Slag Wall/Tundish Brick Cup/Converter Lining Repair Mix/Converter Slag-stopping Ball/Converter Bottom Air Brick/Converter Gunning Mix/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick/Magnesia Carbon Brick/Magnesia Carbon Brick from Xinli Refractories

Xinli Refractories Co, Ltd was established in 1996 and is located in Giiantun Country, Dashiqiao City. It is a comprehensive enterprise which specializes in the development and research of refractory, kiln structure design, refractory manufacturing, construction, inst…

Imerys Refractory Minerals      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: alumino-silicate minerals for refractories

World #1 in alumino-silicate minerals for refractories 1300 employees in 2015 16 industrial facilities in 6 countries More than 15 trade marks More than 1 000 000 tons of products sold every year Mining and processing minerals for more than 50 years…

Main Products: Isotropic Graphite Blocks/Pitch Coke/Needle Coke/Coal chemicals/calcium carbonate /anode material/Refractory installation/repairs/Magnesia Clinker/Spercial Castables/Insulating Castables (Gunning Mass)/Insulating Castables (Casting Mass)/Mortar & Miscellaneous/Tundish Coating Materials/Stamp Mass/Spray Materials/Special Insulating Fire Bricks/Special Fire Clay Bricks/Spinel Bricks & Others/High Alumina Bricks/Designing and manufacturing various industrial furnaces/Chrome-Magnesia Bricks/Fire Clay Bricks/Inculating Fire Bricks/Clinkers (5 items excluding SSMD)/Kaolin/Special Alumina Bricks/Acid, neutral and special Refractories/Magnesia Bricks/MgO-C Bricks

Posco ChemTech is a core company affiliated with Posco group, specializing in coal chemistry and carbon materials. Posco ChemTech started from a company specialized in refractory and shaft tunnel and successfully been executing burned lime manufac…

Refratechnik Holding GmbH      
Main Products: Cement/Refractories/Steel

The Holding is the strategic centre of the company, which directs the development and targets of Refratechnik companies. Strategic planning: the basis for our actionse Management, research and development, production, sales and service all cooperate on the basis of …

Sojitz Corporation      
Main Products: dolomite/ fluorite/Chormium/Calcined Alumina/ artificial materials for Refractories/all products/B4C/Graphite/Light Burned Magnesia/white fused alumina/FMgO/Andalusite/SiC/Magnesia Clinker/brown fused alumina

Sojitz Corporation was formed out the union of Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation, both companies that boast incredibly long histories. For more than 150 years, our business has helped support the development of countless countries and regions. Today, th…

Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI)      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: silicon carbide/Bonded Abrasives/brown aluminium oxide/Calcined bauxite/Coated Abrasives/Fused mullite/Industrial ceramics/Monolithics/Mullite/shaped refractories /Super Abrasives/white aluminium oxide

CUMI was founded in 1954 as a tripartite collaboration between the Murugappa Group, The Carborundum Co., USA and the Universal Grinding Wheel Co. Ltd., U.K. The company pioneered the manufacture of Coated Abrasives and Bonded Abrasives in India in addition to the ma…

Liaoning Shengyi Refractories Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: Magnesia brick/Fused Magnesia/Large Crystal Fused Magnesia

Yingkou ShengYi refractories co., LTD., located in refractory material base in China, the transportation is convenient, only three kilometers away from the entrance of Shen Hai high-speed, 45 km from port of yinkou, has a double advantage resource and transportatio…

Magnezit Group      
Main Products: Magnesia refractories

Dalmond Trade House Limited was created in August 2007. Соmpany carries out a distribution of refractory products of Magnezit Group to foreign markets. It has all necessary resources to promote the Group's products in Europe, Asia and USA. Dalmond Trade House Lim…

The Siam refractory industries company.      
Main Products: Spraying Materials/Patching Materials/Mortar Refractories/Basic Bricks/Plastic Redfractories/FireClay Bricks/Insulating Bricks/Ramming Materials/High Alumina Bricks/Gunning Materials/Castable Refractories

The Siam Refractory Industry Co., Ltd. is a company in the Cement-Building Materials Business Unit of SCG, Thailand's industrial conglomerate with three strategic units; SCG Cement-Building Materials, SCG Chemicals, and SCG Packaging. Siam Refractory was founded in 1…

Tianjin Monocon Refractories Co., Ltd.      
Main Products: BOS Slag Control System/Ladle Refractory/Monolithic Lances/Tundish Lining

Tianjin Monocon Refractories Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Monocon International Refractories Ltd, based in UK, which is a member company of IFGL Group, India.

TYK Corporation      
Main Products: Heat Insulating Bricks/Refractories for Ash-melting Furnaces/Refractories for Cement Manufacturing Plants/Refractories for Incinerators/Refractories for Kilns/Refractories for Non-ferrous casting/Refractories for Steelmaking

Found in 5th February, 1947, TYK Corporation has such concept: Quality Products and Services, Lower Cost and Quick Delivery We have been providing unique and quality products based on many experiences in various industries including: steelmaking, nonferrous metal, …

Yingkou Jinlong Refractories Group      
Main Products: Al2O3-SiC Carbon Brick/Al2O3-SiC Carbon Brick from Yingkou Jinlong/Alumina Carbon Bricks for Ladle or Hot Metal Ladle/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick from Yingkou Jinlong/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Ladle/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Ladle.jpg/Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon Bricks for Torpedo Car or Hot/Direct Bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick/Electrode/Fused Magnesia with Low Silicon/General Fused Magnesia/General Grade Magnesia Brick/High Grade Magnesia Brick/Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick/Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick from Yingkou Jinlong/Magnesia Brick/Magnesia Brick (MgO Brick)/Magnesia Brick from Yingkou Jinlong/Magnesia Calcia Carbon Bricks for Ladle/Magnesia Carbon Brick (MgO-C Brick)/Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Converter/Magnesia Carbon Bricks for Converter SKA/Magnesia Carbon Bricks for EAF/Magnesia Olivine Brick/MgO Pellet for Slag Making/MgO-C Pellet for Slag Making/Monolithic Refractories/Other material product/Semi-Direct Bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick/Special Grade Magnesia Chrome Brick

Yingkou Jinlong Refractories Group is located in Dashiqiao City, which is justly famed as the Magnesite Capital of China. The Group is an integrated and large-sized enterprise involved in R&D, production and trade of a wide range of refractory products. The Group h…

Zaklady Magnezytowe ROPCZYCE S.A.      
Main Products: alumina-graphite refractories/alumina-chrome refractories/precast shapes from low-cement alumina-spinel/Tuyere Bricks/ramming (gunning) mixes/Slag Stopper/magnesia-graphite refractories/forsterite refractories/Basic Refractory Shapes/patching mixes/aluminosilicate refractories/alumina-magnesia-carbon refractories/magnesia-zirconia refractories/silica refractories/magnesia-spinel-graphite refractories/ magnesia-spinel refractories/Basic Monolithic Refractories/nitride-bonded alumina refractories/Nozzles for Ladles/Porous Bricks/Burned MgO-Cr Bricks

We manufacture high-quality basic and aluminosilicate refractory materials that make indispensable elements of furnaces and devices operated at high temperatures. Our offer is mainly aimed at the steel metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, cement and lime industry, g…

Nonferrous Group Of China Jinlv Refractories Co., Ltd      
Category:Raw Material
Main Products: Alumina Brick/Fireclay Brick/Magnesia Chrome Brick/Magnesia Chrome Brick (MgO-Cr2O3 Brick)/Sintered Mullite/Sintered Mullite from Aluminum Group China/Tabular Alumina/Tabular Alumina from Aluminum Group China/Tabular Alumina from Aluminum Group of China


Refractories (Uk) Ltd      
Main Products: refractory installations

We design, manufacture, procure and install all types of refractory products for a wide range of applications and industries. We employ a highly experienced team of managers, engineers, supervisors and tradesmen who are fully conversant with all aspects of refractory …

A & M Refractories      
Main Products: Burner Blocks/Coke Oven Shapes/Kiln Furniture/Ladle Bottoms and Well Blocks/Pocket Blocks/refractories/Tundish Furniture

Located in southern Ohio & specializing in precast shapes, A & M Refractories, Inc. makes a variety of shapes such as, but not limited to: tundish furniture, coke oven shapes, burner blocks, deltas, ladle bottoms, pocket blocks and ladle well blocks. A 55,000 square f…

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