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Central African Mining & Exploration Company Plc (CAMEC)

South Africa

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Company Profile
CAMEC Plc is an AIM-listed African mining, investment, development and trading company with activities currently focused on Central and Southern Africa. The Company has offices in UK, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.www.refwin.com
CAMEC, which listed on AIM in October 2002, has developed a broad portfolio of activities. The Company's reputation for delivering on its promises and advancing its interest as soon as practicable has created access to a bank of projects across Africa. Because of its successful track record, the management has extensive access to US, UK and European financial institutions willing to fund future projects.www.refwin.com
CAMEC currently has production and trading operations in Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.) and Zimbabwe. It also has extensive mineral exploration permits in the D.R.C., Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Other countries of activity and investment include Sudan and South Africa.www.refwin.com
In Mali, CAMEC has a Joint Venture Agreement with Mali Mining House (‘MMH’) for the exploration and development of two Group II Element licences. These cover all base metals including bauxite over approximately 7,400 km² at Kita and Bamako in south Mali. www.refwin.com
South Mali is known to have significant occurrences of bauxite, a raw material most widely used in the production of aluminium on a commercial scale. The combined bauxite resource of Mali and neighbouring Guinea is amongst the largest in the world.www.refwin.com
CAMEC has undertaken a review of the bauxite potential of Mali which confirmed that bauxites in the region are developed principally on exposed dolerite sills of Mesozoic age and that the potential generally within Mali is significantly greater than originally defined by earlier explorers with notable potential in the Falea, Bamako West and Sikasso Nord regions. www.refwin.com
A recent field programme has confirmed the usefulness of the remote sensing technology in this particular application. Of note is the identification of the Sikasso Nord region, missed by earlier explorers, as being potentially a significant bauxite resource. Sitting 30-40km west of the San-Sikasso road and centred approximately 100km NNW of Sikasso, the region's dolerite plateaux covers an area of approximately 10,000 hectares and from observed outcrops, shows a well-developed bauxitic profile with exposures of up to 15 metres in thickness. www.refwin.com
CAMEC has a 51% controlling interest in the Doornhoek Fluorite Project located less than 10km from the Sallies Witkop fluorspar mine in South Africa. The properties were explored in detail in the late 1970s and early 1980s by Esso Minerals and Armco Bronne. Their results indicated that the deposit is potentially the world’s largest and highest grade fluorspar deposit, containing in excess of 50Mt at an average grade exceeding 20% CaF2.www.refwin.com
Geosearch International Ltd is now undertaking a 2,000m drilling programme to confirm historical results. A good correlation between the new and historical data will place international mineral and mining consultancy group RSG Global, who are managing the project, in a position to classify the resource in accordance with the Samrec and or JORQ codes of practice, and to model the ore body for mine planning purposes. www.refwin.com
The first borehole has already been completed and represented the twinning of borehole T3K59. Fluorite is clearly visible in this borehole at depths of between 36m and 41m. Results from the initial analyses of T3K59 returned values of 42.4% CaF2 over a 3m interval (37m to 40m), or 33.5m CaF2 over a 5m interval (35.5m–40.5m). The core will be split, and Inspectorate M&L (pty) Ltd will be responsible for the sample analyses.www.refwin.com
The second borehole representing the twinning of historical borehole T3K53 is in progress. Historical results from this borehole returned 16.6% CaF2 over a 2.5m interval between 46.5 and 48.5m, and 26.1% CaF2 over a 4m interval between 61.5m and 65.5m.www.refwin.com
Of the three 'ore zones' the lowermost horizon is the richest in terms of consistency and thickness, ranging from 2m to 14m thick, with the best 4m interval grading 43.5% CaF2. In general, thicker reefal sections were found to contain better grade fluorite mineralization. In addition to the totals for the areas investigated, Esso further estimated reserves for seven sub-areas or pods, numbered A to G. A further calculation was made for this cluster using 2.2m mining height, a 20% cut-off for Pod A and 25% cut-off for pods B and C. The result was 12.9Mt of indicated reserves at a grade of 29.18% CaF2.