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An exclusive interview with Mr. Sergei Odegov, CEO of Magnezit

Magnezit Group CEO -- Mr. Sergei Odegov

Magnezit Group is a reliable, effective and stable Russian company, which has a serious international experience and recognition as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high-class refractory products and its maintaining services.
Magnezit Group's production facilities are located in Russia, Germany, Slovakia and China. The biggest production assets of the company are concentrated in Russia in the town Satka, Chelyabinsk region and in the settlement Razdolinsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. 
From own resource base, Magnezit Group has been providing quality refractories and innovative solutions for more than a century. Magnezit Group offers the whole range of shaped and unshaped refractory and thermo-insulating materials for various thermal devices. The total production capacity of the Group exceeds 1,5 mln. tons per year of high-quality refractory products.
Refwin: How do you comment on the current Russian and global refractories market supply and demand?
Sergei Odegov: Russian market, as well as global one passes from quantitative to qualitative state, it means that nowadays demands of the quality and durability of refractory materials, fewer repairs of thermal units are substantially increased, which leads to a reduction of delivered refractories in volumes, but their improvement in terms of quality.
Refwin: Which factors do you think are significant for refractories companies' market development?
Sergei Odegov: Strong competition always has been existing in the refractory industry. The one who will win should propose the best price/quality of products and services.
The development of raw materials base, manufacturing technologies, engineering centre and logistics are crucial for each refractory company.
Here in “Magnezit”, we possess own unique resource base and are 100% self-sufficient in terms of raw materials.
Over the past years, we also realised huge investment projects aimed at the modernisation of all production sites and a transfer to clinker technology, which was unique to the CIS. In Satka we have built a state-of-the-art complex for the production of dead-burned magnesia clinkers. It houses the most advanced equipment used in the production process: a multiple-hearth furnace, grinding and briquetting equipment, two shaft kilns for burning magnesia powder.
The unique Siberian magnesite deposits and state-of-the-art processing technology make it possible to improve the entire range of our products and manufacture brand new high-quality materials’ line, which we have named Russian Magnezit™.
Russian Magnezit™ is fused and dead-burned magnesia with an MgO content of 97% and above, a CaO/SiO2 ratio of at least 2, and a high degree of crystal size consistency. We use them to make refractories with the most advanced performance characteristics. 
We also have a large network of representative offices and one of the biggest in Europe Engineering Centre for Technology Development in the Satka production site.
Refwin: Besides 100% raw materials self-sufficiency, what are the other advantages that Magnezit holds in terms of raw materials supply?
Sergei Odegov: Magnezit Group possesses its own unique magnesia deposits in Siberia that outperform all other known deposits on the continent in terms of qualitative characteristics of magnesite ore. Together with reserves of magnesite in the Southern Urals and in Slovakia, the total reserves of the Group amount to more than 270 million tons of crystalline magnesite. This guarantees 100 per cent of security in deliveries of magnesia materials of the highest quality for the company for a period of over 100 years.
The company also is working on development of resource base in the Satka production site (development of mine “Magnezitovaya” and edge zones of open-pit mine).
Refwin: By cooperation with Brazilian company Vamtec S.A, Magnezit  markets products into Brazil. What are the major means and channels Magnezit adopts to expand market?
Sergei Odegov: Magnezit Group extends cooperation with experienced engineering, service and trade companies, including Vamtec S.A in Brazilian market, Shindong Enercom Inc. in Asia, LUCKS Feuerfesttechnik GmbH and RATH GmbH 
in Europe, etc. Cooperation with such partners enables Magnezit Group to find new growth and continue effective business development.
Magnezit Group manages to expand the market not only because of products’ sales, but also by offering comprehensive service to the clients, which includes deliveries of refractories, engineering and consultancy and the whole range of refractory works.
Unique specialists of the Center for Engineering Development of the Group, availability of 100 % own raw materials, modern production capacities allow our company to keep existing markets and to expand the new ones.
Refwin: What's the goal for Magnezit in coming 5 - 10 years? 
Sergei Odegov: We intend to actively invest in new modern production facilities, including the construction of a second multi-hearth furnace in the Satka production site, and workshops of fused magnesia in Satka and Razdolinsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia), develop our raw material base, and implement projects of energy saving and environmental protection. The emphasis will also be put on elaboration of new products with high added value.
Refwin: Thanks very much for sharing your opinions! 
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