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V24.2.0 2023-11-30 Application module:3

1.Add a new tracking method in the tracking record addition page.
2.Add a new tracking type.
3.Add a new contact duration and whether it is effective.
4.Add whether it is effective, tracking method and tracking type, and tracking duration to the tracking record list.
5.Add whether it is effective, tracking method and tracking type, and tracking duration to the tracking statistics.
6.Adjust the logic for accessing the tracking record in the user list and view the content in the list.
7.Incorporate cross-border platform tracking statistics into the personnel statistics of Naicaizhichuang.

V24.1.1 2023-09-28 Application module:4
1.Add a cross-border backend, offline order details page, which supports displaying supplier information, buyer information, and order product information.
2.Optimize the cross-border eHCache cache, which may cause project execution errors.
3.Optimize the cross-border front-end and back-end configuration information, project startup issues, and redundant code.
4.Optimize and add common script methods for the cross-border project backend pages.
5.Optimize the cross-border backend commission account and commission payment page errors.
6.Add an offline order operation log table to record different operations and order status information for offline orders.
7.Add offline order statistics functions: transaction count statistics, transaction order amount statistics, transaction quantity statistics, and offline commission payment statistics.
8.Optimize the cross-border backend, offline order list, supplier list, buyer list, supplier and buyer click-through links.
9.Add a cross-border backend file upload function interface for frontend-backend separation, which supports returning in JSON format.
10.Optimize the cross-border project backend online error refund;
11.Optimize the transaction center user permissions in the cross-border project backend;
12.Add a transaction count function to the transaction center column product list, which is linked to the offline order quantity.
V24.1.0 2023-09-22 Application module:6
1. Purchasers - Add the receiving service fee function to offline orders and set financial authority;
2. The receiving service fee needs to fill in the time and amount, both of which are required. After receiving the service fee, the status becomes transaction completed and an offline commission statement is generated; After the transaction is completed, keep the button to improve the information, and you can edit and adjust the voucher information;
3. Add offline orders to all orders, and also add functions related to receiving service fees;
4.increase the offline commission flow function, record details, set search and export functions;
5. Set commission statistics function; Add adjustment function to the collected service fee, and if special circumstances require adjustment, it can be operated by financial authority;
V24.0.0 2023-09-20 Application module:6

1.trading center column permission adjustment, with the right to view all trading center products;
2.the trading center products to add product details page, the display content is consistent with the front desk, remove the function of adding to the shopping cart; Add the function of selecting buyer;
3. Purchase can only be carried out after selecting the buyer in the product details page; Click purchase to form an offline order, and the default order number starts with N;
4. Add offline orders in order management for buyers, and the status of offline orders is divided into three categories: pending payment, pending payment service fee, and successful transaction; Payment is pending after successful submission, service fee is pending payment after uploading payment voucher, and transaction is successful after payment of service fee;
5. The default payment mode for offline orders is T/T, and the default payment method is offline; No permission is set for uploading payment vouchers, and the receiving service fee is financial permission;
6.offline orders can upload relevant voucher information, contract information and logistics information is not required, picture information is allowed to upload more than one, payment voucher is required; Unit price, quantity and total price can be adjusted;
7. After the unit price/quantity is adjusted, the total price will be automatically adjusted; If the total price is adjusted, the unit price will be adjusted automatically if the quantity is unchanged, and the unit price and quantity are not allowed to be adjusted again.
8. Add offline orders to all orders. Offline orders are not displayed in the user background for the time being, but are displayed in the big background;
9. Increase the list of offline commission flow, you can view the details of service fees charged for corresponding orders, and the operation has no operation authority;
10. Regarding the wrong remittance business, China CITIC Bank has added 503 interface, which adds the corresponding return function on the page, and sends back the relevant business content according to the interface requirements;

V23.2.1 2023-08-15 Application module:2
1.Online message added the data submission verification function;
2.Free E-Weekly News Added submission verification function;
3.Magazine application function, new submission verification function。
V23.2.0 2023-04-27 Application module:4
1.page increased automatically clear the cache function;
2.water control function adjustment;
3.purchaser contact function adjustment;
4.purchaser access opening rules;
5.the order status consistency adjustment;
6.contract upload function to adjust;
7.for adjusting function to judge rules.
V23.0.1 2023-03-23 Application module:2
1, the background order management
Back order list, in addition to the mode of payment payment increase, and increase the search terms of payment;
2, water control
The citic push water occasionally don't get in the interface, provides a new query interface actively, increase to the list of water control, only eight days can inquire water data; You need to take the initiative to water storage, query and push for open water list query to complete data;
V23.0.2 2023-03-23 Application module:2

1、Added verification function when customers need to submit requirements. Click and prompt to submit after verification is successful;

2、New requirement verification function for free electronic weekly subscription;

3、Optimized search function。

V23.0.0 2023-03-21 Application module:6
1, the purchaser to submit the contract intention
Payment order increase, the original citic bank interface adjustment for bank capital regulation (online), increasing the proof of payment to upload (offline); Only binding bank account of the supplier, according to the online payment, not only allowed to use the offline when binding; Bank capital regulation way, must choose a currency and the arrival of the goods time, remove the two when offline payment;
2, supplier pricing
Supplier pricing page, can adjust the payment; There is no actual settlement amount is taken, only show the original order amount and price amount; Order list payment increase the search terms;
3, purchaser to upload and determine the contract
Upload the contract link, if submitted when the contract has been uploaded, to obtain accessories; Repeat the upload;
4, buyers payment
Contract confirmation, the order status for the Payment, if it is online, when not query to the water data, clues for replacement: the Payment is in process. Both Please wait for the bank revert before next step.
If it is offline mode, the button name changed to upload payment vouchers, pop-up window content for will upload the picture of the payment voucher;
5, suppliers to send goods
Offline payment orders, buyer after upload the proof of payment, order status into momentum goods, delivery page no longer displays declaration information;
6, purchaser receiving
After the supplier delivery, order status should be receiving, click the button to upload the goods delivery voucher;
7, order - has been the arrival of the goods
Offline payment, if the order comes to balance payment, buyers need to balance payment after the arrival of the goods payment vouchers to upload, uploaded successfully completed, after the two sides can be evaluated; If the order has nothing to do with the balance payment, buyer after the arrival of the goods status to trading success;
V23.1.0 2022-08-19 Application module:2
1. Adjust the demand management function, add data statistics rules, service content records and service evaluation management.
2. Adjust the uploading standard of service scheme and improve the service scheme management system.
3. Service return visit related customer grading system to improve customer service quality.
4. Add the function of purchasing information service process record to strengthen internal management.
5. Optimize the demand data filling process and adjust the data synchronization rules.
V22.2.1 2022-08-11 Application module:1

1. Optimized the prompt for viewing column permissions when users are not logged in;

2. Optimized the prompt indicating no permission to view contact information after login;
3. Upgrade Auction Procurement column effect;

4. Optimized the prompt that users do not have permission to view columns after login。

V22.2.0 2022-08-06 Application module:2

1, registration, the state/province/city drop-down options, according to the first alphabetical order;
2, operation the clues to optimize;
3, suppliers after registration page jump logic optimization;
4, signed a cooperation agreement with supplier account binding function optimization;
5, front desk product search, flip function optimization;
6, the order of payment function adjustment;
7, price type application function optimization, advance ratio automatic calculation;
8, time selector logic adjustment;
9, login validation rules optimization;
10, suppliers outbound function optimization adjustment;
11, purchaser will fill in the corresponding data to obtain when the arrival of the goods;
12, purchaser contact display content, unified adjust for mailbox;

V22.1.0 2022-07-08 Application module:2
1. Replace customer maintenance time cycle
2. Added downstream customer maintenance rules
3. Optimize new customer maintenance rules
4. Added to-be-formulated plan function
5. Optimize customer protection and maintenance rules
V22.0.0 2022-06-29 Application module:1

1. The internal enterprise recommendation management function revises, promotes the recommendation efficiency, establishes the return visit mechanism. 

2. Add Customer Development Scheme Upload Function, for the requirements of information storage system. 

3. Improve the background enterprise association rules, strengthen customer relationship statistics. 

4. Fix known problems and adjust data storage methods

Y21.0.1 2022-04-14 Application module:1
1. Minute level access restriction with sliding verification.
2. Heavenly access restrictions, please contact customer service.

V21.0.0 2022-03-31 Application module:1

1. Display the sum of all data since the platform was online in six directions: enterprise registration, number of enterprise contacts, number of demand connections, number of tracking records, number of products, number of information. When the mouse hovers over an item, the total number of data and the sum of internal and external data can be displayed.
2. Change the bottom version iteration to technical support and adjust the style effect of the left column after clicking into it.
3. New access restrictions for external networks make it impossible for external networks to access data statistics. When adding, prompt: Current network does not have access rights
4. Add a new Data Details page to view the content of each data source, you can see the details through the filtering function.
5. New data support access login function, using background account password to login and view statistics.
6. New visualization effect of data statistics, displaying data through pie chart, column chart and line chart.

V20.2.0 2022-03-17

1. Adjust user internal management rules and strengthen data management mechanism.
2. Adjust customer attribution management functions to protect newly registered enterprises
3. Add in-depth development plan management functions to optimize customer development specifications.
4. New deep development plan reminder function to assist operators in business development

V20.1.0 2022-01-19
1. International Station interview/news detail page picture is too close to text, adjust spacing to optimize page layout.
2. International station members'permissions do not take effect after opening services, which prevents them from browsing content normally. Adjust the dictionary to add status fields, filter to only call valid services, and adjust the permission judgment rules according to the dictionary.
3. Fix the problem that the content of E-Quote Express silicon metal powder cannot be edited.
4. The modification of the country dictionary other to the external China filter is to show that all country options are not Chinese Enterprises
V20.0.0 2022-01-18 Application module:2
1.Visual display of price trend chart
2.Automatic generation of trend chart data
Y19.2.5 2021-12-30

1、The current input box is highlighted

2、The current text field is highlighted

V19.2.4 2021-12-22 Application module:2
1. Visual display of new version iteration

2. Optimize version record display rules

V19.2.3 2021-11-29 Application module:1
1. Adjust version record statistics rules to filter by medium and large versions
2. New version content keyword search function, which can search based on iteration content.
3. New version of visual display of statistical history.
V19.2.2 2021-09-30 Application module:1

1、Add version level selection

2、Add external network blocking function

V19.1.1 2021-08-12 Application module:2

1, the tripartite agreement content is optimized;
2, agreement has been signed process optimization;

V19.1.0 2021-08-06 Application module:4

1, the boot prompt home page content changes;
2, in the order process prompt content changes;
3, optimize the page jump rules;

V19.0.5 2021-08-06 Application module:1
Adjust internal management functions and fix known problems
Y19.0.4 2021-07-29
Add browser tips for versions below IE10
Y19.0.3 2021-07-28
1. Add asterisk tips for mandatory filling items at user's management system
2. Unify tips' form for mandatory filling items
3. Alter Chinese tips into English tips
V19.0.2 2021-07-23
1. Increase the signing page: Chinese name, name, phone, social credit code information, currency and foreign currency account and then click the sign up button bank interface;
2. New signing CIBS500 interface, apply to the China citic bank to send signed and returned contract status; When signing status to "success", said the user sign up success;
3. Increase the corresponding entity class sign, associated with suppliers, and record the account of the supplier;
4. Increase the corresponding signing entity class to turn XML message function, is used to request and send the application to the bank;
5. The background of new order management details page, to view the order details;
V19.0.1 2021-07-22

1. cross-border homepage columns jump rules perfect;
2.buyers promised payment function optimization;
3. the outbound function optimization;
4. order jump rules for perfect;

V19.0.0 2021-07-21 Application module:2

1. increase the citic bank account sign function;
2 increasing cross-border payments flowing water query functions;
3increase pay water and order matching function;
4increases to pay for water function;
5 increase the wrong remittance back function;

Y17.0.7 2021-07-13

1.Add the function of viewing the original image

2.Modify the preview image size to be consistent with the front display size

v18.0.0 2021-05-26
1. The export column is determined as: Industry News, Company News, Market Analysis, Statistics;
2. Set the import button on the right side of each column name and open the title import pop-up window after clicking;Industry News corresponds to E-industry dynamics;Company News corresponds to E-Business News;Market Analysis corresponds to E-market analysis;Statistics corresponds to E-import and export statistics;
3. The top left corner of the import bullet window shows the name of the big background column corresponding to the magazine column;
4. The pop-up window sets the search button to filter keywords directly on the title;
5. The title content only calls for the data of the current month, and can be selected more than one;After selecting and clicking the Save button, select the selected title under the column of the contributing page of the magazine;
6. Set the arrow sort button on the right side of the titles of Industry News and Company News to adjust the article order;Market Analysis, Statistics are ranked in a fixed way and are provided by colleagues in operations.
7. After confirming the contents of each column, click the Export All function to generate a word document.
8. Export requirements: the export content should not be garbled, and the title and body styles can be easily distinguished;
E-Picture News Add Auto-Compression for Large Pictures
9. This function is to optimize the compatibility of 360 browser display pictures (360 browsers display large pictures upside down);
10. E-Picture News adds automatic compression for large pictures at the place where they are uploaded. When the uploaded pictures exceed 1 MB, they will be automatically compressed to less than 1 MB without additional manual compression.
11. Add a hint "Best upload resolution is 390*267" at the picture upload location;
v17.0.4 2021-05-21
Optimize the display function of equipment information
v17.0.3 2021-04-28
Optimization of column ranking of international station magazine
v17.0.2 2021-04-27
E-Weekly report function optimization, add Import Supplier and main product recommendation pop-up window, keyword selection status optimization
v11.0.0 2019-10-24

1. E-trading platform launched sharing the same domain name with the Info platform of Refwin;

2. Widescreen style adopted for the overall layout;

3. Uniform style among registered users on info platform and E-trading platform;

4. Unified display style for the flagship store of registered users on both platforms;

5. Trading Mall section added to the Price section;

6. Auction Procurement section added to the Buy section;

7. Global Suppliers and Global Buyers sections added to the Statistics section;

8. Login identity automatic determination function improved;

9. E-Trading user registration function added;

10. Inventory Management function remoced for suppliers in the E-Trading platform;

11. Feedback function added on E-Trading Platform;

12. Products specifications function on E-Trading Platform modified;

13. Anonymity rating function added

v10.1.0 2018-07-30

1. E-weekly format style adjusted;

2. Chinese from English version distinguished in E-mail system;

3. Keywords and magazine added to E-weekly content;

4. Automatically search and fetch function realized for the info content of E Weekly;

5. Separate Ad management function added to E-weekly;

6. Supplier recommendation function added to E-weekly;

7. E-weekly Ad service added to the Service management system;

8. International user contacts distingushed in E-weekly contact system;

9. Subscription & unsubscription function added to E-weekly;

10. E-weekly delivery function improved

v10.0.0 2018-05-28

1. Display effect of Hot Suppliers improved;

2. Inquiry function modified;

3. E-magazine section listed by year;

4. Calendar section added;

5. Current status added for info assessment;

6. Calendar display error fixed;

7. Keyword data improved;

8. APP section management system modified;

9. Personnel permissions seperated;

10. Text display standard improved

V9.9.0 2017-08-30

Refwin app page added

V9.8.0 2017-08-21

Equipment info, Auction project, Technical cooperation and Production statistics section added

V9.7.0 2017-08-02

1. Data classification function modified in Statistics section;

2. Search function added in Links section;

3. Display style of Partners section altered;

4. Rules of Related reading changed for Interview, Analysis, New and Conference sections;

5. Registered users search function improved

V9.6.0 2017-07-14

Information assessment function adjusted

V9.5.0 2017-06-27

1. Screening function added for registered users with incomplete data;

2. Display style of Graph section improved

V9.4.0 2017-06-20

Access permission modified for unregistered users and un-login users

V9.3.0 2017-06-08

1. Inquiry function altered to unregistered visitors;

2. Enter MyRefwin changed to Manage Mypage;

V9.2.0 2017-05-10

Listing rules of registered users adjusted in Directory section

V9.1.0 2017-04-20

Data extracting function and display format improved

V9.0.0 2017-04-05

Refwin management system mergered with its Chinese website

V8.2.0 2016-10-24

Subscription function added to World Refractory Enterprises Directory

V8.1.0 2016-06-17

Data of Refwin shifted to the same management system with its Chinese data

V8.0.0 2016-01-26

Registered users permission system improved

V7.0.0 2015-12-21

1. Business manager added to users management system;

2. Search funtion added to the management system;

3. Search function improved;

4. User interface modified;

5. Receipt function revised for World Refractory Enterprises Directory;

6. Management system information fuction improvement

V6.0.0 2014-12-17

1. Function improved for Suppliers and Buyers section, Hompage redesigned;

2. Management system sorting function improved;

3. Users ID system improved;

4. Suppliers and Buyers statistic function added to management system;

5. Article export function added in management system for E-magazine feeding;

6. Search function improved;

7. Marks added to all Chinese paid members;

8. "Anlysis and tracking" function added to management system;

9. User interface modified for Global Suppliers and Global Buyers;

10. "Traking record" function adjusted

V5.0.0 2013-12-28

1. Electronic assessment function added;

2. Remittance account changed, article link address modified;

3. Management system comment function added;

4. Management system comment function optimized;

5. Directory flagship store function improved

V9.6.0 2013-07-14

Management system information statistics function modified;

V4.0.0 2012-12-31

1. Conference calendar function modified;

2. My Refwin page function improved;

3. Customer management function revised;

4. Customers automatically divided by country function realized;

5. Photo news function added;

6. Photo news function modified;

7. Ranking rules for paying members in the directory changed;

V3.0.0 2011-11-05

1. Selling leads release displayed in Directory flagship store;

2. Selling leads contact rights function modified;

3. Directory display rules revised

V2.0.0 2010-12-30

1. Website sections list order changed;

2. Website sections list location adjusted;

3. Access right of Market Analysis section revised;

4. Related reading function added;

5. Sample issue request function added;

6. Customer contact record function added

V1.0.0 2004-04-08

Refractories Window platform launched!

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