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* What is the difference between a "Free Member" and a "Subscriber"?
Subscribers to Refwin have exclusive and unlimited full access to the website, including the 16-year online news archive, market analysis, pricing data, statistics, and directory, etc. A Free Member can only access to Interview, Company news, Conference, and Refwin in the News.
* What rights do we have as a subscriber to Refwin?

1) Online full access to all the information released on Refwin website;

2) The weekly newsletter covering prices, market analysis, industry news, and price graph;

3) The searchable online database going back 16 years;

4) 12 issues of E-magazine sent via email with online access

Please email us via info@refwin.com if you are interested in Gold or VIP membership subscription.

* What should I do if the information I need is not available in the website?
You are welcome to click the button "Inquiry" or write to info@refwin.com for help.
* How can I publish a company news on Refwin website or magazine?
You are welcome to send your company news or press releases to info@refwin.com.
* How do I search suppliers/buyers on Refwin?

To search suppliers on Refwin, please refer to below instructions:

1)Enter key words and search on Refwin home page.

2)Click keywords on Refwin home page.

3)Click "Directory" in navigation bar on Refwin home page.

You can enter keywords and set more conditions in directory page, screening suppliers/buyers.

* Where can I find the latest market price?

To find latest market price for different raw materials/products, please refer to below instructions:

1) Enter key words and search "price" on Refwin homepage.

2) Click "Price Sheet" in navigation bar on Refwin homepage to see Refwin price (Refwin third-party price).

3) Click "Price" in navigation bar on Refwin home page to see suppliers quotation.

* What do I do if I have forgotten my password or username?
You can click the button "Forget Password" on the Sign In page and follow the instructions, or write to info@refwin.com for help.
* Can I change my password?
Yes, you can Sign In Refwin and enter "Manage MyPage" to change your password to your favorite.
* How can I check the expiration date of my subscription period?

Please follow the instructions below or contact the Refwin team for help.

Login→Manage Mypage→Business Opportunity→Payment Status

* Will I be reminded before my subscription expires?
Yes, your dedicated account manager will notify you in advance. You can also contact him or her to ask at any time.
* If I miss a copy of RW monthly e-magazine, how can I claim this?
You can send your "Inquiry" to Refwin Team or tell the person in contact with you or write to info@refwin.com for help.
* Who should I contact if I have a question about the editorial content of Refwin?
You can contact the person in contact with you or write to info@refwin.com at any time on any questions.
* How to subscribe to the weekly newsletter?
Click "Free E-Weekly News" in the upper right corner of the homepage, fill in the relevant information and submit, and the Refwin team will handle your needs.

* If I am a subscriber but the system still restrict my access, what should I do?

There are usually three reasons for this kind of problem:

1) For new customers, Refwin has not confirmed receipt of your payment, so the corresponding service has not been activated yet;

2) The subscription status has expired, causing the corresponding service to automatically become invalid;

3) The subscription status has not expired, but the service is abnormal due to system reasons.

Please contact your account manager or write to info@refwin.com directly for help.

* What should I do if I receive an error message?
Please contact your account manager directly and describe the problem in detail. It is best to attach a screenshot. After receiving your feedback, we will deal with it for you as soon as possible.
* How to advertise through Refractories Window?

Refwin offers banner advert on Refwin website (www.refwin.com) and advertising through Refwin monthly magazine.

For details, please send your inquiry to marco@refwin.com for web-advertising and to vincent@refwin.com for advertising on Refwin magazine.

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