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Refwin: exclusive interview with Mr. Devang Chowdhary from Thyme Corportaion


During 24-26 of July, Refwin held "The 2nd Bauxite Trade Fair" in Xiaoyi, Shanxi province, and was honored to meet with Mr. Devang Chowdhary, Board Director of Thyme Corportaion from India. His arrival attracts as much attention as possible and we are pleased to have an exclusive interview with him.

Refwin: Company Introduction and Position in the company

Mr. Devang Chowdhary: We are a Company incorporated in Hong Kong with Indian Promotors. I am one of the Directors in the Company and take care of Sales, Procurement and IT.

The Directors and Promotors have rich and long experience in Refractory, Chemical, Mineral and Machinery industry spanning about 3 decades. Customers include some of the largest Industrial Groups in India, Middle East. We are expanding our area of operations and aspire a Global Footprint. Very shortly, we expect to commence our cooperation with customers in USA and Europe. bringing in the best Value to the customer while ensuring Prime Quality, Timely Execution of Supplies, Offering the Latest and New Products.


Refwin: How do you know Refwin

Mr. Devang Chowdhary: It is a very famous name in Refractory Industry with hardly anyone not aware of it.

We first found it on internet search engine and thereafter find that Refwin is present almost in every conference, seminar, event. Refractory industry owes a lot to Refwin for researched, updated and regular flow of information helping subscribers to stay in tune with the happenings and latest development, events in industry.


Refwin: Do you have any partners in China. Would you please introduce your partners

Mr. Devang Chowdhary: We have many partners in China with whom we have long term relationship and agreement. These partners are highly trusted and reliable as proven over a long time. The relationship is matured, evolved as inured.

Partners in China include Mines, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Processors of Calcined Bauxite, WTA, WFA, BFA, FM, DBM, Fused Silica, Fumed Silica, Spinel, SiC and various other raw material and chemicals.


Refwin: Is this the first time to attend Refwin Expo. How do you think of this event and what do you achieve

Mr. Devang Chowdhary: Yes, this is the first time I attended and I am glad I chose to attend it.

This has been a wonderful experience. I am taking home more than what is expected. It helped me find new sources. The factory visit was very useful as I could have first hand experience of the facility, management, quality system and products offered.

Refwin did a splendid job of bringing together the buyers and sellers on a platform and this would benefit both and increase business.

Refwin should conduct more such events.


Refwin: Do you have any suggestions for Refwin

Mr. Devang Chowdhary: Conduct more events like this , in China and in Europe and Americas also.


Refwin: Why should customers come to you

Mr. Devang Chowdhary: a) Our motto is to offer Prime and Latest Products to clients at Lowest Price, execute supplies in time with best services.

b) Our long term and large pool of multiple supply sourceshelp ensure consistent and regular supplies even in the toughest and worst times where others falter and fail. This has been proven time and again. Not one of our customers suffered in the previous year as we could maintain regular flow while many others faltered, failed or delayed.

c) We offer almost all the raw material. This helps customers as they can get almost everything from a single point contact

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