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Interview with Ms Chayaporn Angpraphapornchai, Deputy Managing Director of Thailand recycling company - Angprapha Steel


Angprapha steel, located in Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand, is a prominent metal recycling company in the central region of Thailand. We spoke with Ms. Chayaporn Angpraphapornchai, Deputy managing director who is eldest daughter of the President of Angprapha steel, about the company overview and its future prospects.

-First, could you provide an overview of your company?

"We established our company in 2003. We handle various types of scrap, including iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. In Thailand, we operate three yards: the headquarters plant (covering an area of 32,000 square meters), the Pinthong plant (16,000 square meters), and the Krok Somboon plant (80,000 square meters). The combined monthly handling capacity of the three sites is 30,000 tons, with approximately 150 employees. As Thailand faces a shortage of scrap iron, 95% of our products are sold domestically. In addition to scrap iron recycling, we also deal with secondary products such as bar steel, steel plates, and steel pipes. However, our monthly handling volume for these secondary products is around 500 tons, which is relatively small."

-What are the characteristics of the three sites?

"All three sites are located near industrial estates, ensuring a stable supply of factory-generated scrap. Consequently, about 90% of our handled scrap comes from factory-generated sources, while the remaining 10% comes from demolition scrap."

-We understand you are pursuing stable quality and supply of scrap iron.

"We prioritize quality requirements such as length, thickness and chemical composition, which electric furnace and induction furnace manufacturers demand. Upon arrival, scrap iron undergoes thorough inspection with handheld scanners and is sorted using heavy machinery. We enhance the quality of scrap iron through processing facilities such as shears at each site. Particularly, the Krok Somboon plant has a shredder plant that improves the quality of mid-premium grade scrap, supplying it to electric furnace and casting manufacturers."

"We also install cameras on each truck for constant monitoring from the headquarters. Trucks are covered during transportation, and in compliance with Ministry of Commerce's Central Bureau of Weights and Measures regulations, which require once every 2 years. Even so we conduct yearly maintenance to prevent quantity discrepancies. And regarding maintenance of trucks, we have both daily checklist and monthly maintenance system. Similar to incoming shipments, outgoing shipments undergo thorough inspections."

-Could you share insights into the current situation of scrap iron in Thailand?

"There is stagnation in the generation of automobiles and electronics within Thailand, but the quantity from demolition remains constant. And, the generation of general cans, such as canned food, remains stable, resulting in discrepancies in scrap generation among different types."

-Regarding facility investments?

"We have initiated the construction of a new headquarters office building. Currently, we have cleared the land for the new office building within the headquarters premises, and we plan to complete the construction next year. Additionally, we regularly conduct repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to our factory equipment to enhance safety and processing efficiency."

-What are your future prospects?

"Thailand faces a shortage of scrap iron. In the current environment of subdued domestic steel demand, our mission is to ensure the stable supply of scrap iron to electric furnace and induction furnace manufacturers in Thailand. To achieve this, we aim to strengthen our scrap collection capabilities. By increasing the number of suppliers and expanding our handling volume, we seek to grow our scrap recycling business."

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