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Almatis launches environmentally friendly tabular alumina for steel ladle


Feb. 1, 2024 - Almatis GmbH announces that the company has launched an environmentally friendly tabular alumina called ECO-TAB® Aluminas for reformulating steel ladle linings.

This innovative alumina refractory aggregate is developed to deliver superior efficiency and performance in steel ladle linings. Formulated with a significantly lower density compared to other tabular alumina, ECO-TAB® is a step ahead in refractory solutions.

Its remarkable ability to minimize heat loss during ladle thermal cycling is amplified by its lower heat capacity and thermal conductivity. This combination effectively reduces the amount of heat lost when the ladle is empty, resulting in lower energy consumption.

In addition, the reduced density and weight of the refractory lining translates into higher steel tapping weights, which optimizes ladle capacity, especially when crane weight limits become a factor.

ECO-TAB® represents a significant advancement in refractory technology, focusing on reducing material consumption while improving the performance of steel ladle operations; our MissionNeutrAL commitment for the steel industry, among others.

Energy savings are possible in each step of metals manufacture. Almatis ECO-TAB® is a lower density alumina refractory aggregate newly developed for wear linings. ECO-TAB® contributes to energy savings, capacity improvement, and reduced material consumption through lower weight of the steel ladle working lining while maintaining long refractory life. Less energy and less refractory material are consumed, lowering the CO2 footprint.

Product Characteristics

ECO-TAB® by Almatis is a pure sintered α-alumina refractory aggregate designed for wear linings of vessels with thermal cycles for example steel and foundry ladles. ECO-TAB® provides resource savings combined with strong wear resistance based on optimized material properties like density, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity.

ECO-TAB® offers the following benefits to refractory producers and end users:

• Energy savings by reduced heat capacity and thermal conductivity in industries processes with thermal cycling (e.g. steel ladle, foundry ladles)
• Strong thermomechanical stability and wear resistance comparable to standard Tabular Alumina T60/T64.
• Reduced material consumption in refractory applications due to lower product density.
• Improved flexibility in steel production processes (steel ladle weight, crane capacities).

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