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Mathios Refractories on a growth trajectory as of 2024


Jul. 3, 2024 - Mathios Refractories is expected to be on a growth trajectory in the current financial year, as the company’s management emphasized during the regular general meeting of its shareholders.

In particular, a brief reference was made to new perspectives, such as the development of innovative materials, the expansion into new markets and the conclusion of strategic partnerships.

The management reassured shareholders that the company remains on a path to viability. Particular emphasis is placed on the rationalization of expenses and the strengthening of exports, which are also the spearhead for Mathios Refractories, with an emphasis on the Balkan market.

During the regular general meeting of shareholders, all agenda items were approved and shareholders exchanged views and suggestions for improving financial performance. Respecting their proposals, the management underlined its commitment to implementing the strategies.

Taking stock of the previous financial year, the administration pointed out that 2023 was characterized by high uncertainty. For 2024, the company expects the implementation of projects in which Mathios Refractories has a significant advantage due to the quality materials it produces to meet the needs of industry and building constructions.

The Greek listed company has been active in the market since 1890, has a modern production unit as well as an active and uninterrupted presence in the field of refractory and building materials. A large part of the Group’s products are based on criteria that promote sustainable development.

They are produced from natural recyclable materials, they are not extracted products from quarries, they are 100% recyclable, as are the packaging materials. The investment stones produced are lightweight, and can be applied in external thermal insulation systems.
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